Jupiter in 200 words

Jupiter provides a financial, religion, ethics and law report.

He’s the planet of capitalism, finances, higher prices, optimism, economic growth, expansion, abundance, prosperity, affluence, financial institutions, banks, neobanks, wealth creation, luxury goods, extravagance, currencies, commerce, trade and treaties.

He rules the bankers who try to keep the world’s finances on track.

His optimism causes people to spend more and prices to rise. It results in economic growth, job creation and expansion.

Jupiter rules the world’s religions and their religious – philosophical – teachings. He’s the planet of ethics, moral principles, honesty, benevolence, charity, generosity, hope, faith, goodwill and tolerance.

He rules the religious leaders, clerics, priests, rabbis and monks who do God’s work here on Earth.

Jupiter is planet of legal matters, law, court cases and judges.

His judges make laws that determine what you can and can’t do. Their wisdom imposes penalties for wrong doing. And he’s the planet of philosophy, ships, shipping, long journeys, the tourism industry, books, publishing and advertising.

When Jupiter is active in his cycle chart or the sky he forecasts events involving finances, high expenditures, higher prices, religion, religious issues, new laws, court cases, legal decisions, publishing and/or shipping.

Author: DW Sutton

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