Saturn in 2019

Saturn is the planet of fear, safety, protection, pessimism, contraction, economy, recession, poverty, farmers, miners, coal, land, basic utilities, conservatism, orthodoxy, disease, weather, self-interest and bargaining.

Economic slow-down

In 2019 pessimism curbed economic growth, many countries fell into recession, the low-cost model became the preferred option, and fear and anxiety fuelled personal financial constraint.

A recession is commonly taken to mean two or more consecutive quarters of falling output. It’s a period when fear takes hold and people stop spending and in 2019 the recession word was mentioned frequently.

Many countries experienced reduced economic activity and as business shed workers the number of unemployed rose.

Unemployment fuelled poverty and poverty fuelled hardship and suffering.

Governments did what they could to keep their nation’s economy churning. To antidote the fear they cut taxes, reduced charges or invested in short and long-term infrastructure projects. Those that didn’t do enough paid a high price.

In 2019 interest rates kept falling and inflation was low but wages and income growth was stagnant. There wasn’t much money to spend so the online shoppers went looking for bargains.

The psychology of recession

Saturn is the planet of fear and pessimism and Pluto is the planet of group think and mass psychology and with Saturn conjunction and parallel Pluto in the sky in 2019 the fear and pessimism contagion easily infiltrated the human mind.

It caused confidence to plunge, had people saving rather than spending and gave a major nudge towards economic slump.

So you don’t need to be an Einstein to see the impact that Saturn and Pluto had on the market’s mood during 2019.

(Jupiter is the planet of economic expansion. His economic stimulus is designed to spread optimism and reduce the impact and frequency of recession.)


The world’s farmers grow the food you eat and in 2019 inequality fuelled protectionism and protectionism fuelled the US-China tariff war that had a crushing impact on farmers.

Others suffered due to drought and disastrous weather events.

Farmers and the agriculture sector had a harrowing time in 2019 with floods, wildfires and banks inflicting hardship and suffering.

Hungry countries like Haiti, Yemen, Sudan and Ethiopia experienced food-shortages and in Britain the fear and uncertainty of Brexit had citizens hoarding and stock piling food.

Climate change

In 2019 there was an avalanche of bad climate news with reports of species extinction and rapidly rising sea levels.

Disastrous weather events devastated countries.

Efforts to address climate change did nothing to prevent the extreme weather and the suffering and hardship it caused.

In 2019 California’s wine growing counties went up in smoke with the fires blamed on climate change; and extreme climate change arrived when hurricane Dorian became a monster storm.  It broke all previous hurricane records and pulverized the Bahamas.

Saturn in 2019

2019 was a year of insecurity, fear, loss, overwhelming grief and security challenges – even democracy was in need of protection.

It was a year of mass people movements as civilians fled conflict, brutal leaders, criminal gangs and fast moving wildfires.

When the police opened fire the protestors stampeded and when fear gripped the stock market the investors fled to safe havens.

Disease affects humans, animals and crops and in 2019 disease affected economic growth and development.

In 2019 energy security was at risk with power shortages, power outages and forced safety blackouts and data security became an important personal issue. Are you changing your data settings?

But as new scientific knowledge and new technologies fast-changed the world Saturn’s ultra-conservative thoughts and traditional beliefs stayed the same.

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Author: DW Sutton

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