Neptune transits Pisces: February 2012 – March 2025

On February 3, 2012 Neptune – planet of schemes, utopian idealism, wishful thinking, socialism, exaggeration, confusion, chaos, aviation, oil, gas, drugs, slavery, inflation and non-violent crime – moved to Pisces and from then till March 30, 2025 will have some influence over events and trends related to jails, imprisonment, incarceration, detention centers, hospitals, charities, housing for the poor and homeless, religious fanaticism, Christianity, astral entities, deception, rivers and waterways.

Neptune can, in a non-violent manner, imprison or give the most unusual freedom.

Neptune’s transit of Pisces forecasts an escalation in non-violent crime – fraud, embezzlement and scamming; widespread deception, gullibility and fake news; schemes to right the chaos in the hospital system; more and more people relying on charities; and schemes to clean up rivers and waterways.

Major events are inclined to occur when Neptune in the sky forms conjunction, opposition, square and trine aspects with Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto; and/or progressed Neptune forms an aspect in the Neptune cycle.

And due to the transits long time-frame an ever-changing global environment will facilitate different types of events at different times.

Neptune in the Neptune cycle

Neptune’s house position in a specified country’s Neptune cycle chart shows the mundane life-matters that will be influenced by visionary schemes, involved affairs, involuntary servitude, non-violent crime, drugs and dramatic art for the duration of the cycle.

Progressed Neptune’s house location in a specified country’s Neptune cycle chart reveals the mundane life-matters that Neptune will influence during its transit of Pisces.

The current Neptune cycle commenced March 7, 1944 at 3.03.26pm GMT.

Neptune and you

Neptune’s transit of Pisces will have no influence on you personally.

Its influence is strictly global.

But Neptune in your birth chart does provide valuable information.

It reveals by its house position and aspects the strength and functional status of your utopian urge and the area of your life where there is elusiveness and illusion.

Your attitude towards reality is influenced by the imaginary pictures your imagination weaves.

Neptune is the planet of imagination, sensitivity and schemes and major events involving these matters only occur when Neptune is activated by progression.

Transit Neptune in your chart by its house position and aspects to birth chart and progressed planets has an inconsequential influence on your life.


Author: DW Sutton

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