Neptune cycle: March 7, 1944 – February 26, 2027

The Neptune cycle chart is a specific event chart.

It’s a blueprint-forecast of Neptune type events only.

Events occur as progressed Neptune forms aspects to the planets in the chart.

Each country has its own chart.

It’s calculated for its administrative capital.

Cycle data

Start date and time: March 7, 1944 at 3.03.26pm GMT

End date: February 26, 2027

The Neptune cycle chart for a specified country shows what departments of mundane life are affected, and how, by visionary schemes, involved affairs, involuntary servitude, slavery, confusion, hocus pocus and breathtaking exaggeration.

Neptune aspect analysis

Neptune – the planet of fake news – semisquare the Moon (the common people) forecasts widespread gullibility, illusion, scamming, fraud, drug taking and a search for easy fixes.

Neptune sesquisquare Venus (women and affection) forecasts romantic schemes, fake romance and a perfect love match that ends up a shattered dream.

Neptune semisquare Jupiter (finances) signs for dreams of easy wealth, swindles, embezzlement and fraudulent financial practices by banks.

Neptune trine Uranus (change and technology) forecasts a utopian society built on invention, amazing devices and technological wonders.

This high-harmony very fortunate aspect is the chart’s hot-spot.

Neptune sextile Pluto (groups) forecasts idealistic groups that work to rid the world of oppression, injustice, persecution, tyranny and exploitation.

America’s Neptune cycle chart

Neptune in house 5 (entertainment, amusement, movies, speculation, the stock market, Wall Street, sport, athletes, children, teenagers, schools and colleges) forecasts spectacular razzle-dazzle, booms and busts on Wall Street, stock market chaos, drugs in sport and idealistic schemes to benefit children.

Chart data is March 7, 1944 at 10.03.26am EST (38N53; 77W01)

Britain’s Neptune cycle chart

Neptune in house 3 (transportation, roads, communication, postal service, telephone service, newspapers and neighboring countries) forecasts idealistic schemes to benefit transportation and communications, false reporting by newspapers and involved affairs and confusing relations with neighboring countries.

Chart data is March 7, 1944 at 3.03.26pm GMT (51N36; 00W06)

China’s Neptune cycle chart

Neptune in house 11 (the National People’s Congress, ambassadors sent to foreign countries, friends and allies) forecasts visionary schemes by the people’s congress and complex situations involving foreign ambassadors.

Chart data is March 7, 1944 at 11.03.26pm AWST (39N55; 116E25)

India’s Neptune cycle chart

Neptune in house 12 (secrets, secret societies, secret enemies, crime, criminals, spies, spy agencies, prisons, hospitals and asylums) forecasts visionary schemes involving prisons and hospitals, hidden slavery, spying activity and widespread white-collar crime.

Chart data is March 7, 1944 at 8.33.26pm IST (28N36; 77E12)

Australia’s Neptune cycle chart

Neptune in house 10 (the administration, prime minister, business and standing on the world stage) forecasts business schemes, an idealistic administration, visionary prime ministers, mysterious events involving leaders and a nebulous international reputation.

Chart data is March 8, 1944 at 1.03.26am AEST (35S17; 149E08)

Author: DW Sutton

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