Mars conjunction Jupiter: January 7, 2018

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Jupiter on January 7, 2018 at 12.38am GMT and its a financially explosive moment operating in a very competitive global financial environment. 

The aspect’s influence will start around December 15, 2017 and end around January 17, 2018.


Mars is the planet of aggressive force, strife, hate, anger, provocation, revenge, brutality, massacres, sexual violence, alcohol, vice, banditry, brawls, gambling, accidents, fires and infectious disease.

He rules war, conflict, bombs, guns, knives, manufacturing, the military, army, navy, police, law-enforcement officers, industrial workers, fire fighters and doctors.

Acts of violence, shootings, accidents and fires are common Mars events.


Jupiter is the planet of benevolence, generosity, hope, optimism, good-will, finances, capitalism, trade, commerce, treaties, arbitration, the courts and judiciary, diplomacy, publishing, advertising, the public expression of opinion, religion, philosophy, ethical issues, long journeys, ships and shipping,

He rules expansion, economic growth, wealth creation, higher profits, wages and prices, luxury goods and salesmanship.

Whats indicated?

Strife for the financial sector; financial rows; a currency war; aggressive financial moves; financial stimulus

A trade war

Religion inspired violence; burning churches; attacks on religion; strife for the church and God’s worker’s; religious rows

Diplomatic rows

Increased military spending; guns and bombs for sale

Judicial rows; strife over legal matters; swift law-making; harsh justice; new violence and gun control laws

Efforts to arbitrate war; the signing of peace treaties

The ethics of current sexual behavior practices

And accidents, fires and shipping accidents

Money is the most important commodity on Earth so making money is more important than breathing and Mars conjunction Jupiter brings the dash for cash into prominence.

When events can occur

Major events and developments pertaining to the Mars-Jupiter conjunction will be timed by aspects in the Mars and Jupiter cycles and aspects involving Mars and Jupiter in the Sun cycle, lunation cycle and sky.

On December 24, 2017 progressed Mars is square Sun in the Mars cycle; on December 27 progressed Jupiter is square Mars in the Jupiter cycle; and on December 29 progressed Sun is trine Mars in the Sun cycle.

On January 5, 2018 Mars is parallel Jupiter in the sky; and on January 10 progressed Sun is square Jupiter in the Sun cycle.

We stress that astrology does not make precise predictions and that this Mars-Jupiter conjunction is merely an astrological event that makes certain types of events probable around January 7, 2018.

Mars conjunction Jupiter around the globe

The house position of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in a specified countrys chart identifies the area of mundane life directly impacted by the energy-event in the sky.

Americas Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart

Chart data is January 6, 2018 at 7.39pm EST (38N53; 77W01)

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is in house 4 – land, territories, cities, buildings, the housing sector, farming, mining and weather events.

House 5 – the share market, speculation, entertainers, elite sports people, sex, sport, children and schools – dominates the chart.

Britains Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart

Chart data is January 7, 2018 at 12.39am GMT (51N36; 00W06)

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is in house 2 – finances, spending, financial transactions and banks.

House 3 – transportation, communication, newspapers, journalists, taxi drivers and neighboring countries – dominates the chart.

Chinas Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart

Chart data is January 7, 2018 at 8.39am CST (39N55; 116E25)

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is in house 9 – trade, shipping, the law, religion, teachers, the internet and social media.

House 12 – crime, secret deals, hospitals, prisons, smugglers, sorrows, disappointment and restriction – is very active.

Indias Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart

Chart data is January 7, 2018 at 6.09am IST (28N36; 77E12)

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is in house 11 – parliament, friends and allies.

House 1 – the people and their domestic agenda – dominates the chart.

Australias Mars-Jupiter conjunction chart

Chart data is January 7, 2018 at 11.39am AEDT (35S17; 149E08)

The Mars-Jupiter conjunction is in house 8 – tax, taxation policy, debt, pensions, social security and death.

House 10 – the government, prime minister and business activity – dominates the chart.

The next in-sky Mars-Jupiter conjunction will occur March 20, 2020.


Author: DW Sutton

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