Mars conjunction Saturn: April 2, 2018

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Saturn on April 2, 2018 at 3.45pm GMT.

The aspect’s forecast period is March 10, 2018 to April 26, 2018.

The matters ruled by each planet will come into prominence and every country has its own Mars-Saturn conjunction chart. The chart acts as an event model and operates in a domestic environmental setting.

The Moon – planet of the common people – forms a friendly opportunity (sextile) aspect with the Mars-Saturn conjunction; but the Sun – planet of those with political power – and Mercury – the planet of talks, meetings, discussions and controversy – form unfriendly obstacle (square) aspects.

Sun discord links inept political leadership or administrative incompetence with the Mars-Saturn event.


Mars is the planet of energy, aggressive force, fast action, speed, strife, disputation, anger, provocation, revenge, hate, brutality, massacres, sexual violence, alcohol, vice, banditry, brawls, gambling, accidents, fires and infectious disease.

He rules war, conflict, bombs, explosions, guns, knives, soldiers, the military, army, navy, police, industrial workers, fire fighters, doctors and manufacturing.

Insult hurling, angry feuding, warfare, destruction, acts of violence, shootings, fires and accidents are common Mars events.


Saturn is the planet of orthodoxy, conservatism, tradition, cautiousness, protectionism, safety, security measures, fear, dread, alarm, panic, disease, epidemics, hardship and suffering.

He rules security measures, economy, poverty, basic utilities, minerals, mining and miners, farming and farmers, laborers, land, destructive weather events, storms, floods, natural disasters, loss, grief and despair.

Measures aimed at safeguarding national security, keeping others out, public health emergencies, disease outbreaks, fear and panic, and loss and suffering caused by storm, flood or natural disaster are common Saturn events.

Mars in 2018

In 2017 with progressed Mercury opposition birthchart Mars in the Aquarian Age chart there was an escalation in fighting around the globe. And in 2018 there are at least 30 countries where a war, civil war, insurgency, conflict or military intervention is taking place.

The conflict hot-spots include the Middle East – Turkey, Syria and Iraq with Russian involvement – Yemen with Saudi Arabia involved – Afghanistan, South Sudan, Somalia, DR of Congo, Myanmar and Ukraine with Russian involvement.

Recently, Turkish forces attacked US-backed Kurds in Syria and Israel and Iran have been exchanging hostile threats and warnings.

There are regions – particularly the Middle East – where the slightest provocation can result in hostilities and open conflict.

Progressed Mars is parallel birthchart Saturn in the Aquarian Age chart; Mars is conjunction Saturn in the 2018 Sun cycle; and Mars conjunction Saturn in the sky in March and April 2018 stimulates these aspects.

Saturn is the planet of droughts

Cape Town, South Africa, is experiencing a 1 in 400 year drought. The severe water shortage began in 2015 and extreme water restrictions have been imposed. Unless significant rains fall the taps in the city will be turned off on August 27, 2018.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction event forecast...

... a surge in fighting and heavy casualties in the war zones; military retreats and battle fatigue; war fears – a cold war; acts of violence – shootings and bloodshed; emergency security situations; territorial disputes and land grabs; gun control measures; the regulation of firearms; destructive weather events; natural disasters – floods and earthquakes; strife and loss; anger and despair; rage and grief; accidents and fires; mining disasters.

Mars and Saturn sign for hostile relations being somewhat constrained by fear and caution which equals a cold war.

When events can occur

Major events and developments will be timed by aspects involving Mars and Saturn in all the major cycle charts.

That said the Mars cycle is relatively quiet and there are no aspects formed in the Saturn cycle.

March 19, 2017: Mars is square Mars in the Mars cycle

March 29: Sun is square Saturn in Sun cycle

April 4: Mars is semisextile Sun in Mars cycle

April 5: Mars is sextile Neptune in the Mars cycle

We stress that astrology does not forecast precise, definite events and that this Mars-Saturn conjunction is merely an astrological event in the sky that makes events of a certain type probable on the Earth around April 2, 2018.

Mars was parallel Saturn in the sky on February 22, 2018

The nature of the parallel and conjunction aspects is similar so the event trend that occurred around February 22, 2018 when Mars was parallel Saturn will be somewhat similar to what’s inclined to occur around April 2, 2018.

February 12: Cyclone Gita (Saturn) smashes into Tonga causing extensive damage and destroying the country’s parliament building.

February 16: A magnitude 7.2 earthquake (Saturn) strikes near the town of Pinotepa Nacional, Mexico.

February 19: A garbage dump (Saturn) collapses in Mozambique killing at least 17 people.

Mount Sinabung (Saturn) in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia erupts.

February 20: US President Donald Trump orders the Department of Justice to prepare regulations (Saturn) to ban devices that allow semi-automatic rifles (Mars) to become fully automatic.

Seven provinces in New Zealand declare states of emergency (Mars) as Cyclone Gita (Saturn) makes landfall.

Mount Sinabung (Saturn) has a massive eruption, completely destroying the volcano's peak.

February 22: Students across America protest gun violence (Mars) and the right to be educated in safety (Saturn).

February 18-22: Over 400 people are killed in Syria as the fighting (Mars) in Eastern Ghouta intensifies.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction and you

This Mars-Saturn conjunction aspect in the sky will have no influence on you personally.

What’s currently taking place in your life and what’s on your mind is primarily determined by the major progressed aspects in your chart and the local environment in which you live, work and operate.

On the world stage the chief actors involved in the Mars-Saturn events will have these planets in their birth charts scoring above average astrodyne power plus one or more progressed aspects involving Mars and Saturn.

Mars conjunction Saturn around the globe

Major events of the Mars-Saturn kind can occur during the aspect’s time-frame.

They will be most evident as the aspect approaches peak power on April 2.

In a specified chart the house where the Mars-Saturn conjunction is located indicates the area of national affairs most strongly influenced by the coming together of Mars and Saturn.

And those countries with charts where the Mars-Saturn conjunction has a high astrodyne score are very inclined to experience a high-discord Mars-Saturn event.

For most countries the house position of the Mars-Saturn conjunction in their Mars-Saturn conjunction charts and Sun cycle charts is the same.

America’s Mars-Saturn conjunction chart

Chart data is April, 2 2018 at 10.45am EST (38N53; 77W01)

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in house 6 – work, labor, federal employees, army and navy personnel, sickness, food, medical services and doctors.

Mars rules house 11 (Congress) and Saturn rules house 8 (government funding).

The Sun-Mercury conjunction is in house 10 – Donald Trump, the White House and business.

In America, Mars stands for guns, gun culture and the NRA.

On March 23, 2018 Congress has to pass a funding bill to keep the US government open.

The Mars-Saturn discord forecasts strife and loss for government employees, a work place shooting or accident; an industrial accident; a disease outbreak; gun control measures (Saturn rules house 9); an act of violence or accident involving federal employees; or the death (Saturn rules house 8) of police officer or army/navy personnel.

(Comment posted March 6, 2018: Trump’s announcement on March 1 to impose tariffs (house 9) on steel and aluminum imports has caused ‘worry’ in Congress (house 11). With Mars ruling house 11 (Congress) and Saturn ruling house 9 (tariffs) and Mars conjunction Saturn in house 6 (American workers) Trump’s tariffs will meet resistance and stir up strife.)

Canada and Brazil have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in house 6.

Argentina’s Mars-Saturn conjunction chart

Chart data is April, 2 2018 at 12.45pm BRT (34S36; 58W27)

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in house 7 – foreign policy, relations with foreign powers, disputes, war, marriage and divorce.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction is in house 10 – the administration.

The Mars-Saturn discord forecasts hostile relations with a foreign power and a land dispute. Argentina is currently involved in a territorial dispute with Britain over the Falkland Islands and Chile over parts of the Antarctica.

Chile has the Mars-Saturn conjunction in house 7.

Britain’s Mars-Saturn conjunction chart

Chart data is April 2, 2018 at 3.45pm GMT (51N36; 00W06)

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in house 4 – the homeland, territories, housing, farming, mining, natural disasters and weather events.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction is in house 8 – death, debt, the other country’s finances and insurance. House 8 dominates the chart.

The Mars-Saturn discord forecasts Brexit problems and strained relations between England and Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland; strife involving one of Britain’s 14 overseas territories; or a destructive weather event or natural disaster that claims lives and destroys buildings and homes.

France, Germany, Italy, Greece, most of the EU and South Africa have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in house 4.

Israel’s Mars-Saturn conjunction chart

Chart data is April 2, 2018 at 5.45pm IST (31N46; 35E13)

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in house 3 – neighboring countries, roads, transportation and communications.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction is in house 7 – foreign policy, war and the international community. House 7 dominates the chart.

The Mars-Saturn discord forecasts war with a neighbor – Palestine, Lebanon, Iran; a security emergency; strained relations with a foreign power; or damage and loss to Israel’s roads, public transport or communications.

Russia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Turkey, Iran, Palestine and Lebanon have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in house 3.

China’s Mars-Saturn conjunction chart

Chart data is April 2, 2018 at 11.45pm CST (39N55; 116E25)

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in house 1 – domestic matters, the people and their health and welfare.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction is in house 4 – the homeland, territories, homes, natural disasters and destructive weather events.

The Mars-Saturn discord forecasts an emergency situation; a major fire or accident; a natural disaster that impacts the welfare of the Chinese people; a mood of anger and fear; a border dispute/crisis; or a territorial dispute in the South China Sea.

North and South Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Philippines have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in house 1.

India’s Mars conjunction Saturn chart

Chart data is April 2, 2018 at 9.15pm IST (28N36; 77E12)

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in house 2 – finances, financial policy, banks, financial transactions and the people’s money and possessions.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction is in house 5 – speculation, the share market, gambling, risk, sport, entertainment, children and teenagers.

The Mars-Saturn discord forecasts a financial emergency; squabbling over money matters; a major financial or speculative loss; or a banking crisis.

Jupiter, the cusp ruler of house 2, is in house 1 (the people). It’s conjunction the ascendant and exactly square (obstacle) the Midheaven (business). The Sun, cusp ruler of house 10 (the administration), is in house 5 (the share market) so the people and government are directly involved in the financial calamity that unfolds.

Pakistan and Myanmar have the Mars-Saturn conjunction in house 2.

Australia’s Mars conjunction Saturn chart

Chart data is April 3, 2018 at 2.45am AEDT (35S17; 149E08)

The Mars-Saturn conjunction is in house 11 – parliament.

The Sun Mercury conjunction is in house 3 – transportation, communication, the newspapers and neighboring countries.

The Mars-Saturn discord forecasts angry disputation in parliament; ignoble (sexual) behavior by a parliamentarian; strife for a conservative politician; a political crisis; or a dispute with a neighboring country. The print media (house 3) is very involved and the Moon – planet of gossip and notoriety – in house 10 is conjunction the Midheaven so events, as they unfold, will receive massive publicity.

(The political crisis involving Australia’s deputy Prime Minister, Barnaby Joyce, in February 2018 developed and escalated with Mars parallel Saturn in the sky.)

The next Mars-Saturn conjunction in the sky will occur March 31, 2020.

Author: DW Sutton

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