The zodiac and you

The zodiac is a belt of energy that encircles the Earth which is divided into 12 equal segments called signs.

The zodiac signs represent the 12 common letters in the language of the stars. They give the astral energies reaching the Earth from the wandering planets – the 10 dynamic letters – distinct modes of expression.

An image of this ever-changing skyscape is captured in your birth chart. Its format gives you a personal connection to the universe. The planets and zodiac signs are data-points that provide you with priceless information about you and your life.

Your keynote signs – those where the Sun, Moon, ascendant and Mercury are located – allow you to learn about yourself. They reveal your core behavior traits as attitude-motivations. The zodiac is embedded in your soul.

If they’re harmonious the sign-specific attitudinal behavior is inclined to be functional and effective. As proper behavior it inclines towards success.

If they’re discordant the indicated attitudinal behavior is inclined to be dysfunctional and ineffective. As improper behavior it inclines towards failure. Your bad attitudes are problem behaviors that require your attention and you can change your ineffective behavior and make it effective.

Environments, objects, names, numbers and gems are ruled by the zodiac signs and their (occult) influence on your life – whether influential, fortunate or unfortunate – is determined by the power, harmony or discord scores of their sign rulers in your birth chart.

The zodiac in vocational selection

Your core attitudes express in your approach to work. They’re key-factors in determining your vocation and the type of work that best suits you.

The prominent planets in your birth chart indicate natural abilities that through proper education, training and practice develop into skills and vocational qualifications.

Your keynote signs define your approach when doing and working. To have a happy work life the work you do must be compatible with your nature.

Keynote Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn put the focus on breaking new trails and starting enterprises that others finish. You get things going so the work you do must allow your pioneering spirit to express.

Keynote Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces put the focus on developing what others have started. You’re inclined to take the line of least resistance so the work you do must allow your capacity to develop and adapt to express. 

Keynote Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius put the focus on attention to detail and improvement. You have strong endurance, plodding perseverance and can handle pressure situations. The work you do must allow you to make improvements, upgrade, replace and perfect.

So your keynote signs rveal if you’re a starter, developer or perfecter. 

The zodiac in stellar diagnosis

Stellar diagnosis refers to the assessment of your birth chart to evaluate your physical health using measurements. Your keynote signs correspond to regions (or zones) of your physical body and their power, harmony or discord scores measure the status of their cellular and organ health.

Power marks for strength; harmony supports health and wellbeing; and discord predisposes to disease, sickness and health problems. Your most discordant sign indicates a body region where disease, ill health or injury is very inclined to occur. But nothing is inevitable and you can heed the discord message and take precautionary measures – diet, exercise, wise lifestyle choices etc – and prevent any indicated predisposition from manifesting.

Keynote Aries: The focal point is your head region, face, upper jaw and cerebrum.

Keynote Taurus: The focus is your neck region, throat, palate, tonsils, cerebellum, occipital lobe, larynx, pharynx and vocal cords.

Keynote Gemini: The focal point is your shoulder region, arms, hands, fingers, bronchial tubes and lungs.

Keynote Cancer: The focus is your breast region, lower lungs, diaphragm and stomach.

Keynote Leo: The focal point is your back region, spine and heart.

Keynote Virgo: The focus is your umbilical region, abdomen (aka belly), duodenum and intestines.

Keynote Libra: The focus is your lumbar region and kidneys: If a woman your vagina, fallopian tubes and ovaries.

Keynote Scorpio: The focal point is your renal sinus region, ureters, bladder, sigmoid flexure and rectum. If a woman your uterus and vulva; if a man your prostate, penis, scrotum and testicles. Scorpio has some influence over the nose.

Keynote Sagittarius: The focus is your hip region, thighs and sciatic nerve.

Keynote Capricorn: The focus is your knee region.

Keynote Aquarius: The focal point is your shin region and ankles.

Keynote Pisces: The focus is your feet region and toes.         

Author: DW Sutton

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