A snapshot of the zodiac signs

You desire to do or have this, that or the other. Unsatisfied desire is your driver. And the planets in your birth chart provide information pertaining to the ten not-conscious desire-urges that get you going.    

Each planet is located in a zodiac sign.  The sign associates the desire corresponding to the planet with an attitude-motivation. 

Attitude is a set of emotions, beliefs, and behaviors toward a particular object, person, thing, or event; and the signs in which the Sun, Moon, Mercury and ascendant are located reveal your keynote attitudes.

Attitude plays a key role in getting it right. The wrong attitude gets it wrong. Your attitudes are enduring but you can change an ineffective attitude.

The zodiac signs are divided by abrupt partitions so the attitude-motivation a sign expresses applies to that sign only.

Between the fanciful sign Pisces and the slow sign Taurus is the realistic and fast sign Aries. It’s I am attitude denotes a confident, self-assured approach to life.

Aries is enthusiastic, headstrong, optimistic and impulsive. It’s the fastest sign of the zodiac. It’s easily irritated by the slow, methodical signs and its impatience and zest annoys the steady, deliberate signs. Aries takes the lead. Its pioneering spirit is celebrated, but its officious interference is a misguided failure attitude that get’s it wrong.

Between the impatient sign Aries and the talkative sign Gemini is the patient and reserved sign Taurus. It’s I have attitude denotes a practical, ownership approach to life.

Taurus is determined, persistent, patient, industrious and reliable.  It’s the most stable sign of the zodiac. It’s easily annoyed by the eager, fast signs and its reluctance to change irks the adaptable, changeable signs. Taurus can’t be rushed. It stability is acclaimed but its stubbornness and resistance to necessary change is a misguided failure attitude that get’s it wrong.     

Between the stable sign Taurus and the clinging sign Cancer is the restless and diverse sign Gemini. It’s I think attitude denotes a mentally active, thoughtful approach to life.

Gemini is clever, skilful, intuitive, studious, changeable and dexterous. It’s the most talkative zodiac sign. It’s easily ruffled by the emotional, reticent signs and its loquaciousness irritates the reserved, quiet signs. Gemini has a constant flow of ideas. It displays spectacular versatility, but its emotional detachment and changeableness is a misguided failure attitude that gets it wrong.

Between the unsettled sign Gemini and the assertive sign Leo is the reserved and mild sign Cancer. It’s I feel attitude denotes a feeling approach to life.  

Cancer is emotionally active, impressionable, reflective, clingy and moody. It’s the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. It’s easily hurt by the insensitive signs, but its moodiness irritates the cool, intellectual signs. Cancer is attached to home and family. Its tenacity is legendary, but its touchiness is a misguided failure attitude that gets it wrong.

Between the placid sign Cancer and the petty sign Virgo is the forceful and big-thinking sign Leo. It’s I will attitude denotes a determined, unwavering approach to life.

Leo is confident, generous, warmhearted, enthusiastic and purposeful. It’s the classiest sign of the zodiac. It’s easily irked by the negative, self-effacing signs, but its self-assurance and air of authority rubs the timid, less confident signs the wrong way. Leo has real courage and a resolve to never quit. Its kindness and strength of purpose are applauded, but its bossy, domination is a misguided failure attitude that gets it wrong.

Between the unfussy sign Leo and the affectionate sign Libra is the fastidious and pragmatic sign Virgo. Its I analyze attitude denotes a discerning, analytical approach to life.

Virgo is practical, fastidious, meticulous and mentally active. It’s the fussiest sign of the zodiac. It’s irritated by the theoretical and mystical signs, but its minute attention to detail has the less meticulous signs rolling their eyes. Virgo is the master of detecting flaws and weaknesses in plans and people. It’s famous for its keen discrimination and attention to detail, but its inconsiderate criticism is a misguided failure attitude that gets it wrong.

Between the serious sign Virgo and the troublesome sign Scorpio is the frivolous and peace-loving sign Libra. Its I balance attitude denotes an evenly balanced approach to life.

Libra is amiable, even-tempered, just, refined, particular, neat and courteous. It’s the most fair and evenhanded sign of the zodiac. It’s easily distressed by the course and rough signs, but its equitable, impartiality irks the me-first, self-centered signs. Libra weighs the evidence in the scales of justice. It gets the gold medal for fairness, but its approval-acceptance seeking and inability to say ‘no’ are misguided failure attitudes that get it wrong.

Between the lazy sign Libra and the candid sign Sagittarius is the energetic and proper sign Scorpio. It’s I desire attitude denotes an intense emotional approach to life.

Scorpio is determined, skilful, thoughtful, reserved, emotionally active and secretive. It’s the most intense sign of the zodiac. It’s easily irritated by the frivolous signs and its strong sense of duty annoys the easygoing, lenient signs. Scorpio has strong likes and dislikes. It’s renowned for its stick-to-it resourcefulness, but its trouble-making jealousy is a misguided failure behavior that gets it wrong.

Between the reticent sign Scorpio and the reflective sign Capricorn is the blunt and outspoken sign Sagittarius. It’s I see attitude denotes an insightful approach to life.

Sagittarius is generous, loyal, patriotic, charitable, philosophical, candid and outdoorsy. It’s the most playful, sporting sign of the zodiac. It’s irked by the serious-proper signs, but its liking for games and sports has the intellectual-academic signs bewildered. Sagittarius needs mental and physical exercise. Its loyalty and support for the underdog gets 3 cheers, but its boisterous sportiveness is a misguided failure attitude that gets it wrong.

Between the generous sign Sagittarius and the progressive sign Aquarius is the frugal and conservative sign Capricorn. Its I use attitude denotes a practical, utilitarian approach to life.

Capricorn is serious, persistent, reflective, cautious and aspirational. It’s the most ambitious sign of the zodiac sign. It’s irritated by the outspoken signs, but its seriousness chafes the light-hearted signs. Capricorn carries responsibility well. Its diplomacy and consensus get the thumbs up, but its deceitfulness is a misguided failure attitude that gets it wrong.

Between the practical sign Capricorn and the sympathetic sign Pisces is the theoretical and detached sign Aquarius. It’s I know attitude denotes a knowledgeable approach to life.

Aquarius is patient, determined, sincere, friendly, pleasant, faithful and liberal. It’s the most intelligent sign of the zodiac. It’s irked by the thoughtless, selfish signs, but its progressive social policies horrify the traditional, practical signs. Aquarius understands human nature. It gets a standing ovation for its altruism and concern for the welfare of others, but its eccentric argumentation is a misguided failure attitude that gets it wrong.

Between the scientific sign Aquarius and the self-assured sign Aries is the mystical and worried sign Pisces. It’s I believe attitude denotes a faith and trust based approach to life.

Pisces is emotional, sensitive, peaceable, restless, dreamy and modest. It’s the most mystical sign of the zodiac. It’s irritated by the practical-factual signs, but its irrational beliefs drive the hardheaded, scientific signs nuts. Pisces yens for universal brotherhood. It gets top marks for its sympathetic concern and religiosity, but its tendency to imagine the worse and worry is a misguided failure attitude that gets it wrong. 

Author: DW Sutton

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