Mars conjunction Pluto November 27, 2012 events report

Major Mars-Pluto events: November 12–December 16, 2012

November 14, 2012: Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari is killed in a targeted air strike by Israel Defense forces and the Shin Bet

Nov 15:  Rocket attack on Tel Aviv – Islamic Jihad claim responsibility

Nov 17:  A school bus is hit by a train near Manfalut, Egypt – 50 children and the bus driver are killed

Nov 18:  Israel launches Operation Pillar and Defense (Mars)

Nov 19:  Israeli air strikes kill at least 20 Palestinians

Nov 21:  Israel and Hamas announce a cease fire 

In Syria warplanes bomb (Mars) the suburbs of the capital Damascus

Nov 22:  6 terrorist and sectarian attacks across Pakistan kill at least 37 people

Nov 24:  Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi passes a degree granting himself extensive new powers (Pluto) and the protestors hit the streets

Nov 25:  The death toll in a Dhaka garment factory fire (Mars) rises to 112

Nov 27:  29 people are killed in eight car bombings (Mars) across Iraq

Nov 28:  Escalation of the violence in Syria as 54 people are killed in two car bomb explosions in Damascus

December 4, 2012:  Typhoon Bopha makes landfall on the Philippines Island of Mindanao with hundreds killed and missing. 179,000 people are left homeless. Progressed Mars was square Saturn in the Mars cycle.

Dec 8:  Tens of thousands (Pluto) continue to protest in Egypt and Mohammed Morsi annuls the decree he issued expanding his powers

Dec 14:  A shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School leaves 28 dead including 20 children. Progressed Mars was parallel Midheaven in US Mars cycle chart.

Dec 16:  In India a 23 year old female physiotherapy intern (Mercury) is beaten and gang raped on a bus in New Delhi. India erupts with an outpouring of anger. The victim dies of her injuries on December 29, 2012.

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