The measure of spirituality

Spirituality is a very misunderstood word.

It’s part of a feeling spectrum that includes selfishness, greed, anger and hate so what is spirituality and how can it be identified and measured?

Spirituality is a very special feeling and like all feelings it’s a driver of behavior.

Its vibratory rate is way above selfishness, self-interest, greed, revenge and hate.

True spirituality is more than a glorious feeling.

It’s a glorious feeling that motivates you to do something noble.

A feeling that drives you to do something that’s really worthwhile.

You have a special kind of intelligence and ability and when it’s spiritualized you not only know yourself you give yourself.

You contribute to the common good because humanity can benefit from the intelligence and ability that you alone possess.

Your daily life can be harsh and severe. You’re struggling to survive. You’re attention is focused on solving your own problems.

You have self-consciousness – you’re conscious of yourself – and your chief interest is the satisfaction of your own selfish wants and needs.

But when you’re spiritual you’re not in it for yourself.

You become spiritual when the satisfaction of your wants and needs plays a subordinate role to what you can do to help others satisfy theirs.

So you’re listening to music, viewing a glorious sunset or watching a child achieve and gorgeous feelings stream into your conscious awareness.

Breathtaking, glorious feelings are embedded in your soul and they’re just waiting to emerge at the right time and place.

The sight of a soul in distress – a suffering man, woman or child – can release a stream of heart-felt feelings into your conscious awareness.

They’re streaming in from your soul. And if the feelings you’re feeling are a little spiritual they’ll drive you to do something to help those in distress.

The measure of spirituality

Spirituality is a smile, a sympathetic ear, the giving of time and a helping hand.

It’s the difference between what I can get for myself and what can I do to contribute to the welfare of others.

Spirituality is not about taking – it’s all about giving back.

Spirituality is all about giving your talent and ability to assist others.

You’re a small cog in a mighty big wheel, but you have an important function to perform.

You have to survive and this means taking care of your basic wants and needs but after that you can measure your life by what you contribute to the common good. And that’s a measure of your spirituality.

If you’re in it for yourself and grabbing what you can for yourself you’re not spiritual.

If you’ve got plenty and still want more then you’re not spiritual.

Misguided selfishness can be the result of misinterpreting the messages coming from the natural world.

It can be the result of false teachings regarding the ending of consciousness with the death of the physical body.

Selfishness has a low vibratory rate.

It defines the astral environment that surrounds Earth.

You glimpse finer feelings and struggle to escape the morose, heavy feelings that define selfishness.

You have a glorious spiritual potential but getting there will involve struggle, effort and sacrifice.

The big pay-off is the satisfaction that comes from knowing that you have transcended selfishness and commenced the spiritualizing of your intelligence and ability.

Author: DW Sutton

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