Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky: February 27, 2017

On February 27, 2017 at 12.19.26am GMT Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus and it’s an unpredictable, explosive moment with strife and conflict destined to hit with cataclysmic suddenness.

With Mars, the planet of anger, hate, provocation and military might, you enter the world of aggressive force, violence, militants and battlefields.

It’s where warring factions settle disputes with guns and bombs and where the police, army and security forces maintain security and public order by combating violent criminals, militant extremists and terrorists.

A militant is an aggressive, combative person who engages in warfare or fighting; and a terrorist is a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation against civilians in the pursuit of political aims.

Mars is the planet of conflict, hostility, disputes, fights, aggressive action, war, violence, bombings, shootings, explosions, military matters, military personal, police, guns, gun violence, alcohol, accidents, fires, blood on the carpet and manufacturing.

Uranus is the planet of extremists, extreme situations, surprise developments, radical action, social discontentment, protests, demonstrations, strikes, civil disorder, sudden disturbances, liberation movements, rebellions, revolutions, reform, exposés, racism and racial tensions.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction in February 2017 is high in discord.

Mars and Uranus are opposition Jupiter (planet of finances, business, banks, trade, arbitration, peace-moves and treaties), square Pluto (planet of groups, crime, coercion, intimidation and drastic action) and trine Saturn (planet of ultra-conservatism, protectionism, cheap labor, safety, land, buildings, fear and loss).

The evidence provided by recent Mars-Uranus conjunctions reveals that the current global environment facilitates events of the Mars-Uranus type.

And that amidst the avalanche of breaking news will be one event that stands out as a game-changer.

But we stress that astrology has no implication of fatality.

It merely shows the presence of astrological energies that bring pressure to bear that make certain types of events probable.

The merger of Mars and Uranus in the sky on February 27, 2017 signs for extreme danger, a ramping up of hostilities, surprise attacks, extremist violence, terror attacks, suicide bombings, surprise military moves, drone strikes, truck/car bombings, shootings by lone gunmen, people’s uprisings, violent protests, pro and anti-government demonstrations, strikes, hate, brutality, racial violence, extreme action by the police and/or military, train crashes, helicopter crashes, accidents, fires, cyber warfare, cyber attacks, the destruction of ancient artefacts, radical reforms, amazing scientific discoveries, smart innovations and bombshell revelations.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction event forecast period is from February 9 to March 17, 2017 and the critical event stage is from February 25 to February 28 when the Mars-Uranus energy event in the sky is given a boost by Mars conjunction Uranus in the Mars cycle and Mars parallel Uranus in the sky.

America’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart usa

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is in house 8 (taxes, debt and death).

Mars and Uranus dominate the chart.

Mars is cusp ruler of house 3 (newspapers, journalists and Mexico).

Jupiter is in house 2 (financial policy, $US, treasury and banks) and Pluto is in house 4 (housing, farming, mining and weather events).

House 6 (employees, workforce, employment numbers and strikes) is very active.

The chart forecasts a taxation dispute, shock taxes, a tax war and unexpected tax reforms.

The political atmosphere in America is hostile and during February the anger and belligerence will ramp up. By February 27 it will be explosive.

Trump has provoked China, antagonized the CIA and declared war on the media. There’s a wave of violent anti-Trump strikes and demonstrations.  Trump will be sending outrageous tweets.

The president said he would release his tax returns (house 8) and then he wouldn’t and there’s that secret dossier and bombshell revelations are possible on all fronts. Yet the unpredictable nature of Uranus can rule out all possibilities and sign for a completely unexpected and unforeseen shock-event.

Canada, Mexico and Cuba have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 8.

China’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart china

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is in house 1 (the domestic agenda and people). Mars and Uranus dominate the chart.

Mars is cusp ruler of house 8 (taxes and the other country’s money). Jupiter is in house 7 (the other country and foreign policy) and Pluto is in house 10 (the administration and business).

House 12 (restrictions, disappointment and covert activity) is very active.

Trump has provoked China with a currency war, antagonized its One-China policy and China has asserted ‘indisputable sovereignty’ over parts of the South China Sea so tensions are set to escalate very quickly.

There’s widespread public anger (over air pollution?) and the mood of the people is extremely hostile. Fires and accidents will claim many lives.

Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 1.

Russia’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart moscow

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is in house 4 (land, territories, natural resources, homes, housing, buildings and weather events).

Uranus and Mars dominate the chart. Mars is cusp ruler of house 12 (secret enemies and covert activity).

Jupiter is in house 10 (the administration and Putin) and Pluto is in house 1 (domestic issues and people). House 2 (money and financial policy) is very active.

Putin’s war is set to escalate. Attempts to broker a cease-fire between the Syrian government and rebels descend into violence.

The chart forecasts a terror attack by extremists, a car/truck bombing, radical moves by Russia in a land/territorial dispute; radical action by Putin’s political opponents; major fires and destructive weather events.

Events occur with cataclysmic suddenness.

(Russia responds strongly to astrological events involving Uranus.)

Germany, Italy, Greece, Ukraine, Egypt, Libya, Turkey, Israel, Syria, Palestine, South Africa and Zimbabwe have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 4.

Israel’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chartisrael

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is in house 4 (land, homes and buildings) so hostilities will erupt over the approval to build hundreds of new homes for Israeli settlers.

The UN passed as anti-settlement resolution in December, 2016 but following Donald Trump’s inauguration Israel approved the construction of 566 new settlement homes in East Jerusalem and then announced plans to build 2,500 more homes in Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank.

Passions regarding the matter are about to boil over and the conflict could escalate quickly into a shooting war.

The housing projects are on land the Palestinian’s seek as part of their future.

Jerusalem is a troubled city. The charts for Israel and Palestine are the same.  Trump supports the Israelis.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction charts for Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Somalia have the conjunction in house 3 (neighboring countries, road and rail transport, postal and telephone services, education policy and intellectual activity).

The UK’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart london

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is in house 5 (the share market, speculation, risks, schools, children teenagers, entertainers, sex and sport).

The Moon-Neptune conjunction in house 4 dominates the chart.

Mars is cusp ruler of house 1 (the people). Jupiter is in house 11 (parliament) and Pluto is in house 2 (finances).

The chart forecast is for an explosive sex scandal involving children, an entertainer or sport. The wheels have already been set in motion and Uranus is ready to blow the lid. But new revelations or an entirely new child sex abuse event will shock the country.

Accidents involving children and acts of violence involving teenagers are also indicated.

France, Spain, Algeria and Liberia have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 5.

India’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chartnew-delhi

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is in house 2 (financial policy, money and banks).

The Sun-Neptune conjunction in house 1 dominates the chart. Jupiter is in house 8 (the other country’s money, taxation policy and debt) and Pluto is in house 11 (parliament). House 1 (domestic issues and people) is very active.

On November 8, 2016 India was shocked when the government moved to withdraw its 500 and 1,000 rupee notes from circulation.

That’s 86% of the cash that makes India go around and the shocks continue to reverberate. The rupee has fallen to record lows and the economy could take a big hit. The indicators are for more financial reforms and shocks.

Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka also have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 2.

Argentina’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chartbuenos-aires

At Buenos Aires the Mars-Uranus conjunction is in house 7 (the other country, foreign policy, enemies, international disputes and war).

Uranus and Mars dominate the chart and it’s very high in discord.

Jupiter is in house 1 (domestic policy and the people) and Pluto is in house 4 (land, territories and islands). House 6 (the army) is very active.

There are 192 countries that Argentina could have a dispute with but you can rule out its neighbors in South America.

The country is involved in a long running dispute with the United Kingdom over the Sovereignty of the Falkland Islands so there could be explosive new developments. The actions of the other country give Argentina a big shock.

Chile also has the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 7.

Brazil has the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 6 (work, labor, working conditions, trade unions, strikes, public servants, police and army, eating habits, food-diet, sickness and medical services).

Australia’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chartcanberra

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is in house 12 (secrets, secret enemies, classified information, spies, spying, crime, refugees, hospitals, jails and detention centers).

The Sun-Neptune conjunction dominates the chart. Mars is cusp ruler of house 7 (the other country).

Jupiter is in house 6 (employees, workers, sickness and strikes) and Pluto is in house 9 (immigration laws, internet and social media). House 10 (the government) and house 11 (parliament) are very active.

The chart forecasts violent strife – riots and fires – in a detention center/jail; a jail break; shocking revelations about the conditions in an off-shore detention center or hospital; a fire in a hospital; a cyber attack; espionage activity; a spy scandal; a violent crime wave and accidents.

Deals to resettle refugees in America could fall over.

Japan, South Korea and North Korea have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 12.

Author: DW Sutton

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