The 2023-24 Sun cycle

On March 20, 2023 at 9.26pm GMT a major astrological event occurs when the Sun enters Aries. It signals the start of the annual Sun cycle.

A specified nation’s chart, that’s calculated its administrative capital, maps, by the house positions of the planets, all kinds of events.

The chart’s central focus is the house positions of the Sun and those planets that aspect the Sun. The event trend, whether fortunate or unfortunate, is chiefly determined by these aspects to the Sun.

That said, the Sun cycle chart plays a subordinate role to the major cycle charts and the major aspects formed by the planets in the sky.

Backstory 2022

In the March 20, 2022 Sun cycle chart the Sun was conjunction Jupiter – planet of finances, rising prices, central banks and trade – and Neptune – planet of inflation and schemes – and throughout the astrological year people in every country were impacted by rising prices, inflation, rising interest rates and cost of living pressures.

Inflation became a problem in 2021 with the Neptune cycle active throughout the year and on February 24, 2022 Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with Mars conjunction Pluto in the sky, was a drastic turn of events.

On April 12, 2022 Jupiter formed an in-sky conjunction aspect with Neptune; on May 2, 2022 Mars formed an in-sky conjunction aspect with Neptune; and on May 8, 2022 Mars formed an in-sky conjunction aspect with Jupiter and while the war in Ukraine raged Central Banks waged war on inflation. The common people struggled to survive a cost of living crisis.

A new Jupiter cycle commenced on May 25, 2022 with Jupiter conjunction Moon, Mars and Neptune. It and the major Mars, Jupiter, Neptune in-sky conjunctions and the March 20, 2022 Sun cycle scripted the key themes of humanity’s story in 2022.

The 2023 Sun cycle commences with the war in Ukraine, big power security alliances, Mars (war) conjunction Saturn (land) in the Aquarian Age chart, climate change, global divisions, inflation, cost of living pressures and social unrest scripting the scenario.

The Sun’ aspects in 2023

Dominant aspect is Sun conjunction (and parallel) Mercury. It forecasts a dominant event-trend involving major announcements and reports that ignite discussion, debate and controversy. The expert commentators and opinion makers can’t stop talking. Major events involve education, science, journalists and writers. 

Sun conjunction Neptune signs for a prominent event-trend involving inflation, chaos, uncertainty, oil, corporations, pharmaceuticals, drugs, poisons, aviation, fantasy entertainment and visionary schemes. The fraudsters and scammers are very active with many people suckers for Neptune’s grand easy-money illusion. Exaggeration is widespread with some events getting blown out of all proportion.

Sun square Mars is the worst, most discordant, aspect in the chart. It’s sending a war-warning and puts the global spotlight on strife, disputes, confrontation, conflict, missiles, violence, shootings, explosions, fires and accidents. The dominant powers are on a war-footing. There’s a sense of danger, haste and urgency. Harshness, brutality and hate are widespread. A heavy police presence is inclined to use excessive force. People are exploding with anger. 21C living is speeding up; the 2023 astrological year will fly by. Sun was square Mars in the 2018 Sun cycle chart.

Sun sextile Pluto is the best, most fortunate, aspect. It puts the focus on events involving international cooperation, countries sticking together, global divisions, groups, massive crowds, dictators, television, internet, crime, criminals, organized crime and crime gangs.

Sun is semisquare Uranus planet of disruption. It forecasts discontentment, social unrest, strikes, protests, power outages and technology glitches.

And with Sun conjunction Moon stories related to the plight of common people – the home and family, kitchen table issues and the availability of basic life essentials like food and water – get prominence on news services.

Mars is square Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune so the consequences of the strife and hostility are widespread. 2023 will be a very dangerous year.

Precise event forecasting is a no-go zone

In the Y2001 Sun cycle Mars, the planet of violent attacks, formed an exact conjunction with Pluto, the planet of drastic events, and in the Washington Sun Cycle chart the Mars-Pluto conjunction was in house 7 (open enemies and war).

Based on this astro-data you could have concluded that America could be subject to a violent-terror-attack by an open enemy and that in response America would go to war and that’s the limit of the astro-forecast.

Knowledge of America’s international relations at the time (house 7) could have supplemented the astro-data  to develop a likely event forecast, but the prediction of the actual event – planes piloted by Islamic terrorists, crashing into the Twin Towers and Pentagon on 9/11 – was beyond global astrology and the intelligence of every foreign affairs expert.

America’s 2023 Sun cycle chart

Chart data is March 20, 2023 at 4.26pm EST (38N53; 77W01 – Washington)

With the Sun, Moon and Neptune in house 7 the outstanding event-trend for America in 2023 involves disputes with foreign powers (China, Russia, North Korea, Iran), open enmity, war and its relations with partners and allies. Neptune forecasts chaos on the world stage, confusing, wildly exaggerated international developments and tangled-deceptive relations with other countries. Taiwan is still the most dangerous place on Earth and if China invades will America defend it?

Mercury is in house 8 (death) and with Mars – the cusp ruler of house 8 – in house 10 (the administration and business) political strife and aggressive action by Joe Biden and other political leaders is forecast. There’s much criticism, anger/rage, directed at the government over what it does or doesn’t do, but the international situation is very confusing and being hyped up and blown out of all proportion. Business is angry. The deceitful actions of foreign powers are adversely impacting US business activity.

China’s 2023 Sun cycle chart

Chart data is March 21, 2023 at 5.26am CST (39N55; 116E25 – Moscow)

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune are in house 1 so the major event-trend involves the Chinese people, their health and welfare, domestic issues and Taiwan.  China has visionary ideals (Neptune) but with Neptune conjunction Moon and Sun the people and their leaders are deluded and suffering self-deception. It all adds up to chaos and a very big confusing mess.

Mars – planet of war and strife – in house 4 (the homeland, housing and weather) forecasts conflict over Taiwan. It’s square Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune in house 1 so the consequences of China taking aggressive action against Taiwan would be devastating for the Chinese people. Mars forecasts a major housing problem, strife for the farming and mining sectors, and the destruction of homes and buildings by fires and violent weather.

Russia’s 2023 Sun cycle chart

Chart data is March 21, 2023 at 12.26am MSK (55N45; 37E35 – Moscow)

Sun and Mercury are in house 4 (the homeland, housing, farming, mining, weather and opposition political parties) and the political talk is all about the reunification of the homeland and new housing projects, but house 4 discord spells major problems for the housing, farming and mining sectors.

Moon (the home and family) and Neptune (inflation and oil) are in house 3 (neighbor countries) so what’s happening in Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Georgia and/or Azerbaijan is deceptive. Putin and the Kremlin are easily fooled. They don’t know the real situation in these countries because it’s confusing and wildly exaggerated.

Mars – the planet of war, quarrels, danger and aggressive action – is in house 7 (the international community, enemies and war) so Russia will be under attack from foreign powers. Mars forecasts strained international relations, major disputes, aggressive moves by enemy nations and conflict overseas that has adverse consequences on Russia and its economy.

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