Lower-Pluto’s chamber of horrors

The astral radiations of the Sun, Moon and eight planets of our solar system have their mental equivalents in the souls of all living things. As thoughts, feelings and impulses they initiate action and astrology grades the behavior associated with each planet by its standard of excellence.  

High-grade thoughts and feelings get the thumbs up because their behavior outcome is constructive and beneficial; and low-grade thoughts and feelings get the thumbs down because their behavior outcome is destructive and harmful.

Like all the planets Pluto transmits an astral radiation that influences life on Earth, but unlike its associates its astral wavelengths and frequencies are so diverse that they are classified as Higher or Lower-Pluto.

At the top – high order – end of Pluto’s behavior spectrum is cooperation, teamwork, noble-mindedness and proactive spirituality that contributes to the higher good; and at the bottom – low order – end is self-interest, coercive control, exploitation, depraved evil, crime and the inversion of facts.

Lower-Pluto is vile. It lurks in the shadows, loves secrecy, hates transparency, wants humanity kept in the dark, has no regard, consideration or respect, shows no mercy, supports the death penalty and is anti-democratic, dictatorial, coercive and opaque: And in the Pluto period of the Age of Aquarius it has taken center-stage in what is best described as Lower-Pluto’s chamber of horrors.

The chamber showcases an immoral, spiritually bankrupt mindset that’s driven by self-interest, cunning, inversive thinking and manipulative control.

Immoral is having no morality, being wicked or evil; and if you’re immoral, you know what society considers right and wrong, yet do wrong anyway. It’s a personal values judgment.

Lower-Pluto is the master of inversion, misinformation and the distortion of facts. It’s into coercion, harassment, intimidation, threats, warnings, division, inequality, exclusion, oppression, gang methods, people trafficking, child sex abuse and the abuse of indigenous people. It inflicts suffering. It’s a human rights violator whose message is: Cooperate with me on my terms or else.

And it’s possible to sink into Lower-Pluto’s amoral mind-swamp and not even know your there. It’s where you’ll meet world leaders, politicians, diplomats, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists, lawyers, judges, God’s workers, bishops, priests, police officers, military personal, mercenaries, torturers, criminals, people traffickers, hackers, stalkers, hate mongers and parents.

The aggressive-selfishness of Mars and Saturn is leaving destructive footprints all over the planet, but Lower-Pluto’s wickedness, which is often too subtle to be noticed, is inflicting the most harm on an unsuspecting world.

Inversion, misinformation and mind manipulation

Lower-Pluto’s age of inversion showcases misinformation, fake news, double-speak, deepfake, alternative facts, truth erasure, subtle persuasion, mind manipulation and propaganda factories.

Inversion is Lower-Pluto’s chief weapon of terror and humanity’s greatest enemy. It is the deliberate distortion and misrepresentation of facts. Truth is buried under a pile of lies, deceptions and misinformation.

Social media invites Lower-Pluto’s henchmen to employ propaganda (aka information warfare) to advance their interests by cunningly manipulating cognitive predispositions with alternative facts and disinformation.

Those with limited or underdeveloped intellectual skills are easy targets. Being left to work out the facts for themselves they’re at the mercy of their delusions, five year old prejudices and favorite propagandist.

A prejudiced person has lost their capacity to reason. Logical argument no longer applies. The truth of a statement is not tested by examining values, assumptions, and facts. It’s determined by belief, assumption and personal opinion.

In the age of fake news Lower-Pluto’s disinformation campaigns spread lies that go viral and there are millions of people who believe the lies and remain ignorant of the facts.

Spreading lies is a bad thing and believing a lie is very dangerous. Falsehoods accepted by the not-conscious soul-mind impede its progress. That’s because the soul can only make proper adjustments to circumstance when it has a clear conception of real conditions. You need to seek unembellished truth and discern reality as it is – to the best of your ability.

Fake news was 2017’s word of the year. In the Pluto period of the Aquarian Age progressed Mars was parallel birth chart Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart.

Gaslighting – Miriam-Websters word of the year for 2022 – is an insidious form of Lower-Pluto psychological manipulation and control. Perpetrators called gaslighters twist the truth. Victims are bombarded with false information that has them questioning what they thought was true. They feel confused and doubt their own thoughts and memories. (See the film Gas Light [1944] starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.)

New age politics and materialistic-atheistic science

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age Lower-Pluto’s blockers and wreckers have  positions of political power and influence.

Some with no sense of decency or honor are greatly admired by millions of adoring supporters. They lie shamelessly and scream fake news if they don’t like what’s being said. They call their lies truth. Denialists stoke fear, foster division, create distrust in public and private institutions and deny doing wrong.

Observation reveals that large numbers of people are embedded with greed and the lust for power. It’s a mindset that drives politics, big business and science. There’s no spirituality – power, profits and control are all that matters.

Materialistic Aquarian Age science is intoxicated with academic power. It killed God and your soul with DNA.

So, in the age of DNA the power crowd and business see you as working human capital – a soul-less creature that represents a way of making money: And unprincipled, self-ignorant, soul-less humans have the power and authority to make political, legal, ethical and scientific decisions that affect you.

Dictators and other human rights abusers

Lower-Pluto gives the thumbs up to autocracies, totalitarianism and dictatorships. Its chief henchmen are Vladimir Putin – the great liar, Xi Jinping – the champion human rights abuser, and Kim Jong-un – the nuclear weapons fanatic – and they have millions of like-minded devotees. With dictatorial power they control the lives and minds of billions of people. Their vision of the world is based on authoritarian-coercive control.

Cultural erasure is a Lower-Pluto practice. It occurs when a dominant culture attempts to negate, suppress, remove and, in effect, erase the culture of a subordinate culture. It’s practiced by brutal dictators, callous far-right politicians and cunning stone-age thinkers.

Lower Pluto’s dictators and autocrats are intent on depriving you of your freedoms and democratic rights. They engage in state sanctioned murder. Corruption is endemic in authoritarian regimes.

Here on Earth the re-education camps, torture chambers for brainwashing, youth detention centers and other places of horrific cruelty are supervised by Lower-Pluto’s henchmen.

Lower-Pluto online and the dark web/darknet

Lower-Pluto revels in course vulgarity, gore, and putrid filth. It has no self-esteem or respect. Vile sexual predators prey on the vulnerable on Instagram. Hate and anonymous aggression are rife on social media.

Cancellation is an online Lower-Pluto social behavior. Cancel culture is all about online shaming, ostracizing, silencing or casting out. Its chief focus is identity politics. The hot button issues are race, gender and/or sexuality.

Lower-Pluto is an online bully. It’s a stalker that stalks the web. It’s a scammer that’s coming after you. It’s sharing photos and images of you and you don’t know who’s doing the sharing.

The dark web/darknet is a gateway service that allows users to connect to another network that is not on the internet. Darknet websites anonymously provide drugs, child exploitation material, cybercrime tools, stolen data and assassins. And there’s little chance of users being caught.   

The computer driven cyber-information-age invited Lower-Pluto’s criminals to move into cyber world; and now hackers, cyber criminals and cybercrime networks engage in cyber espionage-sabotage, data hacks and ransomware attacks. Is your personal data available online?

The term hacker refers to two types of people.

Bad hackers (Lower-Pluto) wear black hats. They attack a system without permission in order to steal, alter, or destroy information, or to cause problems such as delays or a total lack of access.

Good hackers (Higher-Pluto) wear white hats. They use their knowledge to test vulnerabilities and other weaknesses in a system and then provide information on how the system can be improved so the bad hackers can’t take advantage of it.

A troll is a Lower-Pluto person who sows discord on the internet by starting quarrels, upsetting people, posting inflammatory or off-topic messages in an online community. Their intent is provocative, disruptive and often done for the self-amusement. They rely on anonymity.

Lower-Pluto has turned the nightly television news into a cavalcade of violence, death and destruction. It reads the news that is drenched in blood and despair.

AI, machine learning and surveillance apps

Technology is a fundamental part of the Aquarian Age world’s agenda. And Lower-Pluto is driving AI, machine learning and surveillance apps.

Right from the get-go there’s human input influencing how a machine learns. The model is how a human learns or how its developer has learned.

It’s a theory that the environment provides data that human machines take on board: So non-human machines are programmed with information, data, values and biases that provide outcomes that represent the ethical values and biases of the developer. The developer becomes the soul of the machine. The implications are staggering.

The dilemma is building truly ethical frameworks. Facial recognition technology has a high error rate so there’s a potential to develop inequality. The tech-sector is dominated by men (17% are women) so there’s a lack of diversity.

Has your AI developer had ethics training? Is Silicon Valley a Mecca of spiritual giants dedicated to human welfare and making the world a better place; or spiritual zombies driven by short-term personal gain and self-preservation?

Human intelligence is using disruptive technologies and incorporating AI into autonomous weaponry that makes ‘kill’ decisions without human supervision.

Lower-Pluto’s fingerprints are all over AI, social media, online living and human-computer interaction. Your child’s privacy is at risk as hundreds of big and small applications are being used to track homework and collect data about their intelligence, likes, dislikes and behavior.

And you’re being surveilled. As you walk, shop, write and talk youre being tracked. Lower-Pluto is watching you all the time.

Groups, criminal gangs and fanatical suicide bombers

Lower-Pluto is all about groups and gangs that are focused on horrific crime, murder, coercive control, death threats and destruction. They employ and train fanatical suicide bombers.

The Taliband is a group of Lower-Pluto thugs who give the Islamic scriptures a fanatical, extreme translation. And then they use threats, intimidation and coercion to force their extremist interpretations onto others.

In the very perilous Pluto period of the Age of Aquarius the transition to factual knowledge, spiritual enlightenment and altruistic endeavor is being disrupted by disinformation, lies, self-interest and ruthless coercion.

Mercury is the planet of logic and reasoning and Jupiter defines what’s right and wrong, but unsupervised and unregulated not-conscious desires are playing havoc with humanity’s spiritual values and moral compass. Too many human souls are succumbing to the Lower-Pluto option where self-interest drives their behavior and, by using their God given intelligence and ability destructively, they’re placing themselves in grave personal risk.

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Author: DW Sutton

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