Databox: Mercury and Aquarius 2023-24

Mercury radiates astral frequencies that express in human life as perception, intelligence, cleverness, mental effort and alertness.

Intelligence is applied to old and new problems in order to find solutions and humanity’s collective intelligence is currently preoccupied with finding successful solutions for a truck-load of major problems.

The politicians are in charge of the show so what happens very much depends on their capacity to make intelligent, reasoned judgments.

Mercury discord ups the potential for faulty perceptions, cognitive miscalculations and wrong decisions.

Mercury is the planet of science, evidence-based facts, intellectual activity, literary work, writers, talks, discussions, announcements, reports, controversy, the press and journalists.

It has some influence over short distant travel and travelers, transportation, communications, telecommunications and the signing of documents. And it’s the planet of nervousness having a pronounced influence on humanity’s mental health. 

Its house position in a specified global chart indicates mundane matters that are given much thought, talk, debate and discussion.

In 2022 Mercury can’t stop talking. It’s constantly reporting on and discussing this, that and the other. The things people say and do ignite controversy. Mental health is a key social issue.

Mercury rules information and in 2022 its information can be reliable, accurate and beneficial or unreliable, inaccurate, deliberately deceitful and downright dangerous.

In the age of disinformation Mercury’s airwaves are jam-packed with inversion, lies and conspiracy theories. The press, journalists, scientists and truth-tellers are under attack.

Freedom of expression and press freedom are key Mercury issues. In the age of extreme individualism some feel they have the right to say whatever they think. Press freedom is under attack in many countries. In Russia the administration controls the media and what the public reads and hears. But the press must report events free from controls and censorship. Freedom of thought must prevail. Mercury currently does its business in a dangerous, subversive environment.

Mercury’s progressions in the Aquarian Age chart 2023-24

Progressed Sun is parallel birth chart Mercury > start date was December 31, 2011 > peak power date was August 4, 2020 > end date is January 11, 2055.

This long-time aspect activates the Sun-Mercury conjunction in the birth chart. It puts the focus on governance, politicians, world leaders, political controversies and high-powered talks. The press provides a non-stop political news report. In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age (1881-2188) political power is the means to the end. It’s in the political sphere that human rights are won, maintained and defended.

Progressed Uranus is sesquisquare Mercury > start date was September 21, 2013 > peak power date is March 4, 2049.

Uranus is the planet of extremism, freedom, discontentment, unrest and absurd ideas. It’s an agitator that disrupts the status quo. It takes extreme action and brings sudden, unexpected change. Extreme conservatism is anti-education and anti-science. Its political influence relies on keeping its power-base dumb and ignorant.

This long-time discordant agitation aspect forecasts extreme rhetoric, cognitive dissonance, rampaging idiocy, protests, rebellions, insurrections, sensational exposés, energy controversies, and an epidemic of high nervous tensions that disrupt the brain’s electrical activity and people’s capacity to think sensibly.

Progressed Mercury is parallel birth chart Mars > start date was October 23, 2021 > peak power date is February 9, 2026 > end date is June 16, 2029.

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict, war, violence, hate and anger. It’s aggressive, impulsive, reckless and violent. It sees force as the best solution to a problem. This high-discord intensity aspect forecasts war-talk, hate speech, reckless decision-making, furious controversies, and attacks on science and the press. It puts academics, writers and journalists in harm’s way.  

Progress Mercury square birth chart Jupiter > start date is August 5, 2022 > peak power date is April 16, 2023 > end date is January 1, 2024.

Jupiter is the planet of hope, optimism, capitalism, finances, growth, spending, trade, shipping, law matters, religion and treaties. It sees money as the solution to everything and always looks on the bright side. This high-discord obstacle aspect forecasts major financial problems, controversial financial decisions, rising prices, extravagance and thoughtless spending. Overoptimism and the reliance on hope contaminate the capacity to reason clearly and make intelligent financial-economic decisions.

Progressed Mercury sextile birth chart Uranus > start date is September 24, 2022 > peak power date is June 7, 2023 > end date is February 24, 2024.

Uranus is the planet of liberty, liberalism, progressive thinking, modernism, sensational discoveries, invention, technology and astrology. It brings fast, revolutionary change. This high-harmony opportunity aspect forecasts inventive thinking, amazing scientific discoveries and sensational exposés by the press. It gives a boost to the technology rollercoaster ride that has humanity dizzy with delight. 

Progressed Mercury is semisquare progressed Pluto > start data is September 29, 2022 > peak power date is June 16, 2023 > end date is March 8, 2024.

Pluto is the planet of groups, coercion, disunity, intimidation, inversion, disinformation and the inner workings of things. It resorts to threats and pressure tactics. This discordant friction aspect forecasts group-think, dictator-gang methods, coercive control, intimidating threats, corruption, crime news, criminal reports, the distortion of facts, drastic action by the press and a non-stop barrage of disinformation.

Progressed Mercury is sextile progressed Jupiter > start date is March 18, 2023 > peak power date is January 19, 2024 > end date is December 2, 2024.

This bright spot amidst Jupiter’s discord forecasts good financial news, the settlement of disputes by arbitration, optimism at the trade talks, the signing of treaties, a religious revival and hope. Maybe God will hear humanity’s plea for help and pick up the phone.

Progressed Mercury trine birth chart Venus > start date is April 7, 2023 > peak power date is December 23, 2023 > end date is September 15, 2024.

Venus is the planet of women, women’s issues, the arts, social events, fun, joy and harmony. She’s a love, peace and gender balance advocate. This high-harmony luck aspect supports a friendly atmosphere at the peace-talks. It puts the focus on women in general, women in science and literature in particular, gender equality, girls and their education, the arts community, artists and the beauty of intelligence. The writers penning love stories, love songs and poetry have beautiful things to say.  

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