Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky: March 11, 2015

Mars in the sky moves to form a conjunction aspect with Uranus on March 11, 2015 at 4.04pm GMT.

And it’s another explosive moment with the aspect operating in a very dangerous global environment.

Each country has its own chart and with enough local political, economic and social data you can predict the events most likely to occur.


Mars is the planet of strife, war, conflict, provocation, aggressive force, military offensives, violence, brutality, massacres, bombs, guns, shootings, knives, beheadings, hate, anger, sexual violence, rape, alcohol fuelled violence, brawls, infectious diseases, accidents and fires.

He rules the military, army, police, fire fighters, militants and hot-heads and gets his justice by taking revenge.


Uranus is the planet of unexpected events, radical action, extreme developments, freedom, liberty, civil unrest, racism, revolutions, rebellions, protests, strikes, demonstrations and startling exposés.

He rules the freedom fighters and extremists and strikes with cataclysmic suddenness.

This Mars-Uranus conjunction will see a spike in extremist violence and a conflict situation that develops rapidly and swings out of control.

Those suffering persecution and repression are desperate for freedom and they’re inclined to take radical action.

And Uranus is actively radicalizing those who are ripe for radicalization.

There’ll be increased violence and brutality in the war-zones, terror attacks and car bombings.

Militant extremists like Al Qaeda, Taliban, Hezbollah, Hamas and Boko Haram will be actively spreading terror. In the conflict zones – Egypt, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Kenya, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Philippines, Israel, Palestine, Ukraine, Iraq, Kurdistan, Yemen and Syria – the fighting will escalate.

The freedom fighters know no fear. And the widespread anger and social discontent in many countries will see a wave of strikes, protests and demonstrations.

The violence is just a stones throw away.

And the trouble-makers and rogue countries – Russia, Iran and North Korea (to name a few) – are inclined to display extreme provocation and brinkmanship.

The aspect marks for angry protests and civil unrest as people desperate for freedom (from fear, poverty and persecution) see radical action as their only option.

But because Uranus is involved the sudden and unexpected (war) crisis that’s inclined to develop is difficult to predict.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction merely shows an astrological event that makes certain types of events probable.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction is trine (luck) Jupiter – planet of finances, good-will, mercy, religion, trade and hope – and square (obstacle) Pluto – planet of groups, coercion, crime, corruption, kidnapping, division and disunity.

Its influence will start on February 23 when Mars moves to within 12º of Uranus and will gradually escalate reaching its peak power and discord on March 11.

It will then gradually diminish in power and will cease to have an influence on March 29 when Mars moves beyond 12º of Uranus.

Major events and developments will be timed by aspects in the Uranus and Mars cycles and aspects involving Mars and Uranus in the Sun cycle, lunation cycle and sky.

Mars conjunction Uranus around the globe

The chart for a specified country, by mapping the house position of the Mars-Uranus conjunction, identifies the area of mundane life directly impacted by the energy-event in the sky.

And because Mars – the planet of war and conflict – is involved certain houses in a global astrology chart attain a higher level of interest and importance.

House 7 is the house of open enemies, war and conflict and a country only goes to war when this house is strongly stimulated.

The stimulation can mark for violent provocation by a known enemy, an attack by an open enemy, aggressive action, a declaration of war or escalating conflict.

Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Somalia, South Africa and Zimbabwe have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 7.

Ukraine, Syria and Iraq are conflict hot-spots with the Middle East a hot-bed of repression and radicalization.

All these countries have Mars in house 7 of their Mars cycle charts. That cycle commenced February 11, 2015 and hot on its heels comes Mars conjunction Uranus in the sky.

The astral atmosphere in this region is explosive with Mars energy and the current conflicts in the region are all set to escalate rapidly with unpredictable (Uranus) consequences.

Russia’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart

House 4 is the house of land, territories and natural resources and these are things that governments fight over.

And a country with the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 4 is having this area of its mundane agenda stimulated.

The stimulation can mark for a territorial dispute and an escalation in the fighting that seeks land and natural resources.

China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea and Philippines have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 4.

North and South Korea are enemies and China, Japan, South Korea and Philippines are disputing the ownership of islands in the region. And with explosive aggression in the driver’s seat the disputes and conflicts are set to escalate.

The destruction of homes and buildings (house 4) by destructive weather events and natural disasters (house 4) is also likely.

China’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart

House 10 rules a country’s governing authority or ruling administration. Argentina and Brazil have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 10.

The aspect marks for aggressive action by the government, a violent unexpected change in leadership and sudden changes in government policy.

Argentina’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart

House 8 is the house of debt, death and taxes. And the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, Algeria and Libya have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 8.

With many countries in the Euro-zone up to their necks in debt this Mars-Uranus stimulation to house 8 will ignite conflict and radical change as countries squabble over the best ways to deal with the Greek debt crisis.

In Libya the violence will escalate with many dead.

Germany’s Mars-Uranus conjunction chart

House 3 is the house of communications, transportation and neighboring countries.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction there marks for strife-with communications and transportation, violence on trains and buses, road accidents and a rapidly escalating feud with a neighboring country.

Australia has the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 3.

House 5 is the house of speculation, the stock market, entertainment, sport, children and teenagers.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction there marks for violent teenagers and acts of violence involving children, entertainers, movie stars and sports stars.

Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 5.

House 6 is the house of labor, trade unions and sickness.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction there marks for angry workers, aggressive action by unionists, labor disputes, work-place accidents and fires, and infectious disease.

India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka have the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 6.

House 9 is the house of legal matters, court cases, trials, trade, religion, shipping, tourism, television and internet.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction there marks for strife and conflict with these matters. Liberia has the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 9.

House 12 is the house of secrets, secret enemies, back-room deals, prisons, displaced persons and refugees.

The Mars-Uranus conjunction there marks for prison violence and jail breaks by prisoners. Mexico has the Mars-Uranus conjunction in house 12.

Author: DW Sutton

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