The map of astrology

Seven branches of astrological knowledge


The map of astrology

There are seven branches of astrology.

Astrological signatures

Everything on the Earth has its signature in the sky.

Natal astrology

It's the branch of astrology that's all about your birth chart and you.

Stellar diagnosis and healing

It’s the new name for medical astrology.

Vocational astrology

The application of natural ability to a suitable type of work is an important issue.

Spiritual astrology

Your spiritual potential is defined by your birth chart.

Horary astrology

This branch of astrology is used to answer questions.

Electional astrology

You can use it to select the best time to do some activity or start an important enterprise.

Global – mundane – astrology

It's all about world events and developments.

Weather forecasting

The weather is always a chief topic of interest.

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