Elbert Benjamine

The astrology superstar


Elbert Benjamine (aka CC Zain)

The Brotherhood of Light’s chief emissary here on Earth.

Upgrading traditional teachings

The old astrology gets a psychological makeover.

Cracking the astrology code

The great code in the sky is finally decrypted.

Evidence-based scientific research

The statistical analysis of birth charts provides scientific data.

Measuring astral-force

Quantifying power, harmony and discord.

A new astrological model of life

Out with the old, in with the new.

Hermetic astrology becomes a self-science

Advanced knowledge transforms Hermetic astrology into a self-science.

The grand theory of astrology

Merging all the data into a grand theory that explains everything.

The Sacred Tarot

The silver key revealed.

The astrology superstar

Extraordinary achievement warrants the highest accolade.

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