The Age of Aquarius

Breathtaking technological and social change


Precession of the equinoxes

Precession gives rise to the astrological ages.

The astrological ages

Twelve astrological ages make one precessional cycle.

January 19, 1881

By all accounts it was just another day.

The Age of Aquarius - when now began

It started on January 19, 1881 when the equinox backed into the sign Aquarius.

The decanates of Aquarius

Equuleus, Pegasus and Cetus.

The seven sections of the Aquarian Age

Each section is under the dominion of a planet.

The Aquarian Age chart

It provides a blueprint for living in the age of science, invention and altruistic endeavor.

Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus

Aquarius can travel two vastly different pathways to his not inevitable destiny.

Aquarius, Cetus and the Sun

The current state of play in a nutshell.

Precession aspects

These aspects in the Age of Aquarius chart map and time the most significant events and developments.

Aquarius and you

You’re a cast member of the greatest show on Earth.

A forecast for Aquarius – 1881-4029

Freedom, democracy, human rights, gender equality, personal liberty...

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