Your progressed chart

Self-tracking with a mind-map


Hermetic astrology and the science of timing events

Progressed aspects time when birth chart predispositions can become real-life events.

The progressed chart, explained

The major progressed planets on a selected date are placed around the birth chart in the degree and minute of the zodiac they occupy.

Major progressions

They define when major live changing events can occur.

Minor progressed aspects

They stimulate major progressed aspects or map independent events of minor importance.

Transit progressions

They can trigger a major or minor life event or map an independent event of little consequence.

Your life

It's defined by habits, a daily routine and minor and major events.

Major progressed aspects

Major progressed aspects define and time major life-changing events.

Your progressed chart

On a preselected date your birth chart becomes your progressed chart.

Progressed aspects build character

With nature pulling the strings you won't idle along and stagnate.

Future-forecasting with numbers

The data provided by your progressed chart is enhanced by measurement.

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