Mind, body and soul


Your quest for self-understanding

Your curiosity has you wondering about who you are and why you exist.

Who am I?

You make decisions and witness your life story but remain a big mystery.

Body, mind and soul

You have a physical body, conscious mind and mysterious soul.

Your not-conscious mind or soul

It’s a not-conscious organization of thoughts and feelings that comprises every state of consciousness that is you.

Heredity, environment and conditioning by experience

They’re three very powerful players in your life journey.

Your life journey

It’s just your character doing its thing.

You and your birth chart

When it comes to you and your life your birth chart puts you in the picture.

Your chart is your official map of self-knowledge

It’s a self-reference that details your character, intelligence type and reason for being.

You, the map reader

To discover yourself in your birth chart you have to become a diligent map reader.

Liberation information sets you free

It allows you to rid yourself of false teachings and misguided cultural practices.

Your destiny

It’s truly great and very different to the one proposed by conventional science and religion.

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