Kevin McCarthy

US politician and Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Volodymyr Zelensky

Actor, comedian, entrepreneur and President of Ukraine

Emmanuel Macron

Politician and President of France

Joe Biden

Lawyer, politician and US President

Kamala Harris

Lawyer, politician and US vice-President

Jussie Smollett

Actor, singer and notorious newsmaker

Barack Obama

Community organizer, lecturer, author, senator and US President

Hoda Muthana

American ISIS bride

Mike Pompeo

Businessman, politician and US Secretary of State

Al Gore

Politician, US vice-President and environmentalist

Dianne Feinstein

Politician and long serving US senator

Rush Limbaugh

Radio talk-show host and conservative political commentator

Donald Trump

Businessman, television personality and US President

Antonio Guterres

United Nations Secretary-General

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