Another look at Donald Trump’s birth chart

Birth certificate data is: June 14, 1946 at 10.54am EDT (40N41; 73W48)

His chart’s astrodyne report

Hermetic astrology proposes that your birth chart is a me-map that defines your character and life story. Dynamic desires embedded in your not-conscious soul-mind (by experience) express thoughts, feelings and impulses that steer you along a journey where life-matters, situations, people, places and events contribute to the further development of your intelligence and ability.   

On December 18, 2019 the United States House of Representatives voted to impeach Donald Trump alleging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

It was a very significant event in Donald Trump’s life story. His ego – possibly the biggest ever to grace planet Earth – got a big dent and like all the events on his life journey it was the result of certain desires in his not-conscious mind doing their thing. The event was timed by progressed aspects in his chart.

But Donald Trump’s superior intelligence would scoff at Hermetic astrology’s unique and very different perspective on his life and the events he experiences. 

As a child he developed the habit of blaming others for his misfortunes and his childhood habit is now an outstanding feature of his adult behavior. He cannot accept personal responsibility. Someone else is always to blame. The idea that he’s responsible for the events that define his life story is beyond his current level of intelligence development.

Donald Trump’s birth chart in action

The Sun is Donald Trump’s dominant planet and he’s self-serving and obsessed with his own self-importance. He craves attention, the limelight and the applause of his viewing audience. And he plays the blame-game, denies wrong doing, can’t admit to making mistakes and detests rules that constrain his desire to exert power and control.

Trump is an authoritarian leader who expects to be obeyed. He demands admiration and unwavering loyalty from associates and employees and if they don’t oblige their scum. He demeans political foes, trashes disloyal officials, acts like a thug and makes misogynists remarks.

In his chart Uranus – the eccentric nonconformist – is conjunction Sun and Trump is unorthodox and unpredictable. He has extreme views, prides himself on being politically incorrect, exerts charismatic control over his support-base and is subject to sudden, unexpected changes of fortune.

His reputation preceded him and on November 8, 2016 many mortals saw him as their glorious savior.

The Moon is opposition the Sun-Uranus conjunction and his self-esteem is embedded with eccentric feelings of inferiority that drive him to degrade and criticize others in order to validate his own sense of self-importance.

His mental world (Moon) is defined by erratic feelings and impulses; and with Mercury – the planet of thinking and cerebral activity – square Neptune – the planet of fantasy and exaggeration – his thinking (Mercury) isn’t grounded in reality.

At times reality can cease to exist for him so he quotes out of context, makes things up, uses vague language, inflates the importance of his deals and achievements and muddles through press conferences. He spreads rumor, peddles innuendo, makes false accusations and pushes conspiracy theories.

With poor concentration he can meander off subject when talking; and he has a super-human capacity to lie and exaggerate.

The Sun is the planet of politics and with a Leo personality his desire for power, attention and celebrity (Sun) needed a stage to perform on and the US presidency provided him with the most power and the biggest stage of all.

But he has little understanding of politics and the laws by which he must abide; and his behavior can be unseemly, shameless, disgraceful and nonsensical.

With an out-of-control desire for attention and Mars conjunction ascendant his need to be noticed and impulsivity crash their way through life. Trump is an angry man who deals with problem people by screaming and hurling abuse. It doesn’t solve a thing. It seems that all his expensive education taught him was how to play the character assassination game.

Mars in house 12 is sextile Sun and his anger is aimed at his political opponents and enemies and those who cause him disappointment and restriction (house 12); and with Jupiter in house 2 Donald Trump’s moral compass goes crazy at the prospect of making money.

Donald Trump and the Dunning-Kruger effect

Everyone is born with a desire for significance (Sun). Your life is fuelled by feelings of self-importance and a need to be noticed. So you, along with everyone else, are naturally inclined to broadcast your life story. You’re smart, clever and have informed and uninformed opinions; but for some the desire to claim superior smartness and ability can be an unstoppable urge.

In the Age of Aquarius ignorant know-it-alls are a dime a dozen. They boast about how much they know, claim to know a lot about a subject when they actually know very little, say they’re an expert with no accepted educational qualification and claim be able to do something when they can’t.

The phenomenon has been around forever and in 1920 Elbert Benjamine tagged it with its astrological signature. 

In astrology it’s a predisposition defined by discords to the Sun and Leo when they’re prominent in a birth chart and in social psychology it’s known as the Dunning-Kruger effect.

In 1999 David Dunning and Justin Kruger put the observation that incompetent people think they know more than they really do, and they tend to be more boastful about it, to the test. And they confirmed their hypothesis.

They confirmed that those least likely to know what they were talking about believed they knew as much as the experts. And their results have been replicated in at least a dozen different domains including math skills, wine tasting, chess, medical knowledge and fire arm safety.

The tendency is present in everybody to some extent but gets a big boost when the Sun and Leo are outstanding in the birth chart.

The Sun is Donald Trump’s dominant planet and he has a Leo personality and the Dunning-Kruger effect is pronounced in his behavior. He was born with a high potential to overestimate his knowledge and ability and the real-life evidence reveals that he’s being doing it for decades.

He expresses great confidence when making statements that are rife with errors, falsehoods and inaccuracies. He says he doesn’t read extensively because he solves problems ‘with very little knowledge other than the knowledge I (already) had’. And he has said in interviews he doesn’t read lengthy reports because ‘I already know what it is’. (The reason he doesn’t read is because Mercury in his birth chart has a very low astrodyne score and whatever knowledge he has could only have come from personal experience.)

Trump cites his ‘high levels of intelligence’ when rejecting the scientific consensus on climate change; and has claimed he could end the Cold War. In a chat with The Washington Post’s Lois Roman in 1984 he said: ‘It would take an hour and a half to learn everything there is to learn about missiles – I think I know most of it anyway.’

Steven Sloman, a cognitive psychologist at Brown University, says the Dunning-Kruger effect or the discordant Sun-Leo effect sums Trump up in a nutshell. ‘He’s a man with zero political skill who has no idea he has zero political skill. And it’s given him extreme confidence.’

The assumption by some people that they have the expertise to do something when they don’t is particularly dangerous when it’s backed by low-level self-awareness and the inability to objectively assess the destructive consequences of their behavior.

It can see highly incompetent people with a truckload of confidence (Sun), no ability to accept criticism, no interest in taking advice (Leo) and no interest in self-improvement attaining a position of importance and authority without the qualifications to do what they think they can.

The ramifications for those engaging in the destructive, discordant Sun-Leo behavior and for those who blindly believe what they say can be disastrous, even deadly.

You might think that on November 8, 2016 America experienced a Dunning-Kruger moment.

And you should know that while you might have some understanding of science and medicine you don’t know much. As you learn more about a particular subject you realize just how much more there is to know, and just how ignorant you are. When you don’t know just say: ‘I don’t know’.

Socrates claimed ‘the only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing’ and in 1871 Charles Darwin claimed ‘ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.’

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Author: DW Sutton

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