Know the facts: The Mars cycle

The Mars cycle is a major cycle chart and the commencement of a new Mars cycle – when Mars moves from south to north declination – is an important astrological event. It reveals the polarity given the new supply of Mars energy and its potential for construction or destruction here on Earth

The chart for any country is calculated for data that converts the GMT and date of the polarity change to the time zone and geographical coordinates of its administrative capital. This nationalizes a universal energy event and defines its domestic influence.

The chart reveals an emerging energy potential that expresses in an environmental setting defined by the country’s current political, economic and social circumstances. The planets by their house positions in the chart give special trends to specified areas of its national life.

The chart is a model of Mars events and developments for its forecast period. It models a strife-conflict-dispute agenda so accurate chart forecasting simply requires a clear understanding of the chart and the environmental setting in which it operates.

The nature of Mars

Mars is a discordant planet. His energy has a destructive or constructive potential. It can demolish, abuse and destroy – or build, heal and construct. As anger, hate, brute-force, cruelty and speed it does a lot of damage.

As wild impulse and antagonism it easily erupts into rows, disputes, feuds. arguments, fights and hostilities. As creative enterprise, enthusiasm and adventurous daring it overcomes problems and builds a better world, but strife and disputation is always involved.

Mars is not sensitive, peaceful, soft, kind, conciliatory or considerate. He’s selfish, hard, unfeeling, self-interest motivated, insensitive, inconsiderate, merciless, crude, abusive, vicious, uncivil, coarse and inhumane. His worst behaviors are harshness and brutality. He has no remorse, never forgives and bears grudges.

In the jungle he employs brute strength, size and speed, but in human life he relies more on knives, guns, bombs, missiles and land mines.

In his pursuit of money, profits and wealth his ruthless competitive impulse is inclined to break all the rules. The destruction of planet Earth by his selfish aggression is a big and profitable business.

Mars acts on impulse and obeys orders. He doesn’t reason or assess consequence. His trigger-happy policing in some countries is intent on shooting first. His propensity for violence and destruction is constant.

His best behaviors are initiative, enterprise and resilience. He’s assertive, daring, brave, energetic, bold, eager and enthusiastic.  His impulse to build drives the manufacturing sector. He’s at his best when his energy is mobilized to fight disease, poverty, ignorance or life threatening enemies.

Life and Mars today

On the stage of life Mars rules the military, army and soldiers; police officers and firefighters; mechanics; the manufacturing sector; guns and knives; surgeons and surgery; competitive sport; speed, action and excitement; the liquor industry, alcohol culture and alcohol-fueled living/violence; feuding and insult hurling; anger and hate; gambling and risk-taking; the sex-industry and sex-workers; gym culture, physical exercise, athletes, protein, steroids, muscles and tattoos.

Strife, conflict and violence

Mars is the planet of strife, conflict and violence. He’s a belligerent and his nature is naturally inclined to stir up animosity and enmity. As the cosmic warlord he incites international strife – wars and disputes between countries; national strife – internal disputes between opposing factions; and domestic strife – violence in the home. His conflict agenda involves unlawful and lawful violence.

Mars is prepared to fight to get what he wants and on the international stage his generals and armies guard and protect nations from their enemies. His soldiers man the battlefronts. In a conflict situation he sees force as the best option.

The start of the Mars cycle

A new Mars cycle commences when Mars moves from south to north declination and changes his polarity; but there is an orb of one degree of movement by declination – when Mars is within one degree of 00N00 declination – so the new Mars condition indicated by the changing polarity may develop sometime before or after the exact moment of the change in declination.

Events that occur at this critical time give important clues as to how things will unfold during the life of the Mars cycle. They are a sign of things to come.

Mars cycle chart hot-spots

The planets that aspect Mars are hot-spots. The forceful, combative Mars energy has direct access to these planets and the mundane matters ruled by the houses where they are located.

If the aspect is harmonious its influence is constructive and fortunate but if it’s discordant it’s destructive and unfortunate.

Any aspect in the chart with a high astrodyne score has its influence upgraded.

A house that contains two, three or more planets has a high astrodyne score and a high concentration of energy. It defines a very active area of mundane life that should be assessed as playing some role in what eventuates.

Mars house position

The house occupied by Mars in a designated chart is the crucial key factor. It defines the starting point of the cycle here on Earth and allows you to locate the human and environmental phenomena directly influenced by the energy and strife of Mars.

In a country’s chart it indicates the area of mundane life to be influenced by strife, violence, disputes, war, soldiers, mechanics, manufacturing, policing, machines, fires, firefighters, intoxicants, bandits, doctors and surgery; and from which emanates other important events during the life of the chart.

The domestic agenda ruled by this house is energized. It’s where the explosive Mars energy flows. It indicates where the strife and violence is coming from – the mundane matters that ignite strife and dissension; and where the hazard is located – where the risk and danger lies.

The potential for risk and danger is measured by the harmodyne/discordyne score of Mars.

Mars rules Aries and is co-ruler of Scorpio so the mundane matters ruled by the houses where these signs are located are directly or indirectly influenced by strife, energized effort and aggressive action.

Mars events

The Mars cycle chart maps and times the most important strife, violence and accident events. Mars is the planet of conflict, war, action and urgency.

Events involving strife, conflict, aggressive force, warfare, bombs, missiles, explosions, the military, soldiers, violence, robbery, guns, shootings, provocation, antagonism, animosity, anger, hate, revenge, cruelty, brutality, torture, sex, rape, vice, banditry, brawls, alcohol, gambling, fires, danger, risk, recklessness, speed, haste, accidents, emergencies, disasters, the police, firefighters, emergency service workers, doctors, surgeons, manufacturing, competition or infectious disease bear the Mars signature.

Common violence events and other bad stuff indicate destructive social-cultural trends that need fixing.

Progressions in the Mars cycle chart

Progressions in global – mundane – astrology refer to the daily transit positions of the planets in the sky; and events mapped in the Mars cycle occur as progressed Mars by transit forms aspects with the planets, ascendant or Midheaven in a chart.

The chief aspects to track are the high powered conjunction, parallel, opposition, square and trine; and important strife, conflict, violence, accident and fire events will occur when progressed Mars forms an aspect in his cycle chart.

Event forecasting and timing

The reliable forecasting of future events and developments in the Mars cycle involves a detailed assessment of the cycle chart, the house position of Mars, the aspects formed by Mars, his potential for harmony or discord plus a clear understanding of the environmental setting in which the Mars energy is expressing.

Events occur as transit Mars in the sky aspects the planets in the chart.

The most important events will occur when progressed Mars aspects a planet that he aspects in his cycle chart; or a planet in the chart that has a high astrodyne score. Events bear the characteristics of Mars and are defined by the house positions of these planets.

Important events often occur when progressed Mars forms a conjunction, opposition, square or trine aspect with another planet in the chart.

Mars regularly forms aspects in his cycle chart and hundreds of Mars events occur every day. They’re the shootings, bombings, murders, robberies, fights, rows, accidents and fires. Most are inconsequential, some have national importance, but one will always stand out and grab the news media’s attention. That’s the one that will be clearly identified by an aspect in the Mars cycle chart.

But ‘even when harmonious the Mars energy tends to so much force and speed that strife of some kind will always be present in the events he brings to pass.’

Tracking Mars events

It’s easy to track and tag a ‘Mars’ event with its marker in the Mars cycle chart using reliable news services. They occur when progressed Mars forms an aspect in his cycle chart; and the regularity at which these aspects occur explains why strife and violence events, shootings, murders, robberies, fights, accidents and fires regularly make the headlines – if it bleeds it leads.

But the reporting of a ‘Mars’ event doesn’t explain its importance, relevance or harmony or discord. Heroes are fighting poverty and disease but it’s the violence, accident and disaster events that grab the headlines. The media and public are energized by excitement and sensation.

Social progress takes place when conflicts are resolved and injustices are righted and in a world with so much conflict and injustice Mars represents the energetic effort, forceful enterprise and aggressive action to fight for what’s right. His energy, initiative and resilience expressing through human actors overcomes problems and builds a better world.


Author: DW Sutton

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