Aries new Moon – Washington

The Aries new Moon occurs March 24, 2020 at 9.28pm GMT.

America’s Aries new Moon chart

Chart data is March 24, 2020 at 4.28am EST (38N53; 77W01 - Washington)

Sun, Moon, Mercury and Neptune are in house 1 so the major events during this Luna month concern domestic issues and the health and welfare of the people.

Mercury is the planet of talk and controversy and Neptune is the planet of visionary schemes and socialism so the people are talking and debating Bernie Sanders and his Medicare-for-all health care plan.

Sun and Mercury rule house 7 and an offshore event (China’s coronavirus epidemic) has the attention of the American people.   

Four planets in house 12 turn the focus on relief, relief measures, relief work and the question of adequate relief.

Jupiter in house 12 forecasts events involving charitable institutions and the proper distribution of relief; Pluto there forecasts a crime wave; Mars forecasts violence or fire in a prison and disputes over hospital funding; and Saturn forecasts cutbacks to relief, losses for prisons and hospitals and big disappointments.

Mars and Pluto rule house 9 (court cases) so the accused in a high-profile court case will be found guilty and sent to prison.

Major events involving the FBI, intelligence community, spy agencies and subversive activity – a spy scandal – are also forecast.

The chart’s end date is April 23, 2020.

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