Michael Avenatti

Michael Avenatti is a celebrity lawyer whose clients include Christina Aguilera, Glenn Frey and Don Henley. He represented Stormy Daniels in her lawsuit against Donald Trump.

In regard to his extortion court case federal prosecutors alleged that during a meeting with a lawyer for Nike in March 2019 he threatened to release damaging information (house 3) about Nike unless it paid him between $15m and $25m.

At the time he approached Nike, Avenatti had been representing his then-client Gary Franklin, who ran a youth basketball league in Los Angeles.

Nike immediately reported the matter to federal prosecutors; and Avenatti was arrested shortly after announcing he would hold a news conference about a scandal surrounding the company.

On February 14, 2020 a jury in Manhattan found him guilty of trying to extort Nike Inc out of millions of dollars and defraud a youth basketball coach he represented. He could face up to 42 years in prison.

Michael Avenatti’s chart progressed to February 14, 2020

His birth certificate data is February 16, 1971 at 10.07pm PST (38N35; 121W30 – Sacramento, CA)

In March 2019 when he threatened to release damaging information about Nike progressed Mercury in his chart was inconjunct progressed Neptune and parallel birth chart Pluto.

On February 14, 2020 when he was found guilty of attempted extortion progressed Mercury in his chart – at 3 Taurus 25 and 15N37 in house 7 (the prosecution) and cusp ruler of house 9 (the court case) – was inconjunct birth chart Neptune – planet of nonviolent crime – at 3 Sagittarius 00 in house 2 (finances) and parallel birth chart Pluto – planet of extortion – at 15N22 in house 12 (crime and imprisonment).

Progressed Mars at 15 Capricorn 19 in house 3 – the cusp ruler of house 7 (the prosecution) – was semisextile birth chart Mars at 15 Sagittarius 46 in house 2.

Progressed Venus at 8S36 in house 5 (sport and baseball teams) was parallel birth chart ascendant at 8S27 in the third decanate of Libra – expiation.

And progressed Midheaven (publicity) at 13 Virgo 44 in house 11 was sextile birth chart Moon – at 13 Scorpio 33 in house 1 and cusp ruler of house 10 (Nike) – ensuring his court case would get wide publicity.

He will appeal the verdict but house 12 is very active so things are not looking good.

On February 7, 2020 progressed Venus moved to form an inconjunct aspect with progressed Uranus in house 12 (prison); and progressed Mercury – the cusp ruler of house 12 – is parallel birth chart Pluto in house 12 till April 2029.

On February 20, 2020 progressed Sun moves to form a sesquisquare (agitation) aspect with progressed Neptune (peak power date is February 19, 2021) and on May 6, 2020 progressed Sun moves to form a sesquisquare aspect with birth chart Neptune (peak power data is May 12, 2021.)

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