India 2020-21: Mars conjunction Pluto

India’s history can be traced back thousands of years but the modern – Aquarian Age – Republic of India was born August 15, 1947 when India gained independence and was partitioned into two states – India and Pakistan.

(At the time of partitioning Saturn in the sky was conjunction Pluto – planet of division. The in-sky aspect was exact on August 11, 1947.)

India is a secular-federal republic – the world’s largest democracy. In 2019 its population was estimated at 1.37 billion with a growth rate of 1.08%.

India is a fast-growing major economy – a hub for information-technology services; and its music, movies and spiritual teachings have a global reach. 80% of the population is Hindu; 14% are Muslim and 2.3% Christian.

India is considered a great power. It’s a nuclear weapons state and it has disputes with its neighbors Pakistan and China over Kashmir.

On August 5, 2019 the Indian government made a power grab on Kashmir. It scrapped Article 370 of the constitution and stripped the state of its autonomy.

In India’s chart progressed Mars (aggressive action) was conjunction birth chart Saturn – planet of land – in house 3 (Kashmir and Pakistan) – and cusp ruler of house 9 (the constitution).

Then, on December 11, 2019, India’s parliament approved a bill that granted citizenship to non-Muslim illegal immigrants from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Critics said the bill was discriminatory; political observers claimed that Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, was sowing division, undermining the secular principles of the constitution and damaging India’s democracy; and anti-citizenship bill protests erupted across the country.

In India’s chart progressed Mars was conjunction birth chart Pluto – planet of division, bigotry and discrimination.

India is also the world leader in internet shutdowns (Pluto). According to the Internet Shutdown Tracker the internet was shutdown 104 times in 2019. The longest shutdown was in Kashmir – 195 days and counting. 

India’s chart progressed to December 31, 2020

Chart data is 12.00am IST, August 15, 1947 (28N38; 77E13 – New Delhi)

Progressed Mars – planet of conflict and dispute – at 14 Leo 18 in house 3 (Pakistan) is conjunction birth chart Pluto – planet of division > end date is November 10, 2020.

Progressed Mars is conjunction birth chart Saturn – planet of land – at 13 Leo 36 in house 3 (Pakistan, Kashmir and China) > end date is July 28, 2021.

Progressed Mars is opposition (separation) birth chart Midheaven (global standing and bad publicity) at 14 Aquarius 35.

Progressed Venus – the chart’s dominant planet – at 16 Scorpio 56 in house 6 (police and army) is sesquisquare (agitation) birth chart Mars at 00 Cancer 35 in house 2 (finances and banks) > end date is September 16, 2020.

And progressed Mars – planet of conflict and war – is conjunction progressed Pluto – planet of nuclear weapons – at 14 Leo 51 in house 4 (land and territory). This aspect started February 12, 2020 > reaches peak power February 6, 2022 and ends February 9, 2024. 

On September 29, 2021 progressed Mars (strife and conflict) moves to form a conjunction aspect with birth chart Venus > peak power date is September 18, 2023.

Mars conjunction Pluto in India’s chart is a dangerous high discord energy-event. Its potential for discord is reinforced by Mars parallel Pluto in the Aquarian Age chart (peak power date is November 21, 2021) and is stimulated each time Mars and Pluto form an aspect in the sky.

India’s astrodyne report

House 4 (land, homes, agriculture and weather) and house 3 (transportation, communication and information services) dominate. Both houses are high in discord.  

Data on India is from its Wikipedia entry.

Author: DW Sutton

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