Prince Andrew

January 27, 2020: The prosecutor in charge of the inquiry into the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein reports that Prince Andrew has provided ‘zero cooperation’.

Prince Andrew’s chart progressed to January 27, 2020

Birth data from Palace is February 19, 1960 a7 3.30pm GMT (51N30; 00W10)

In his chart progressed Saturn – planet of zero – at 18 Capricorn 23 in house 6 was sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Pluto – planet of cooperation – at 3 Virgo 45R in house 2; and progressed Mercury – cusp ruler of house 11 (friends) – at 4 Aries 49 in house 9 (legal matters) was inconjunct birth chart Pluto – planet of stonewalling – at 5 Virgo 02R in house 2.

Progressed Mars – planet of sex and strife – at 13 Pisces 21 in house 8 and cusp ruler of house 10 (his reputation) – was semisquare (friction) birth chart Venus at 28 Capricorn 42 in house 6 and the intercepted ruler of house 10. Peak power date for the aspect is July 16, 2020.

Progressed Midheaven (his reputation) – at 22 Gemini 08 and 23N12 in house 11 (friends) – was parallel birth chart Jupiter at 23S00 in house 5 (his sex life) and sesquisquare (agitation) progressed Neptune – planet of lies, schemes and deception – at 8 Scorpio 00R in house 4. Peak power date for the Midheaven-Neptune aspect is December 10, 2020. Jupiter and Neptune are cusp rulers of house 9 (legal investigations).

And progressed Moon at 13 Aquarius 01 and 13S37 in house 7 (opponents) was semisquare birth chart Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius 23 in house 5 and parallel birth chart Neptune at 12S50 stimulating the Neptune-Midheaven sesquisquare aspect.

Progressed Moon parallel birth chart Neptune is at peak power on April 30, 2020 and progressed Moon parallel progressed Neptune is at peak power on June 13, 2020 and this stimulation to the Neptune-Midheaven sesquisquare will attract major events but the exaggerated disaster that Neptune is inclined to imagine is never as bad as the actual calamity.

His chart’s astrodyne report


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