Queen Elizabeth

January 13: After holding crisis talks with senior members of the Royal family Queen Elizabeth agrees to respect the wishes of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to live more independent lives.

January 18: Buckingham Palace announces that Prince Harry and wife Meghan will no longer represent the Queen (Sun) or receive public funds. Progressed Sun was trine Moon in the Sun cycle.

Queen Elizabeth’s chart progressed to January 13, 2020

Birth data is April 21, 1926 at 2.40am CET (51N30; 00W10)

In her chart progressed Sun – planet of royalty – at 00 Leo 09 in house 7 (public relations) was square (obstacle-crisis) birth chart Sun at 00 Taurus 12 in house 2 (finances).

Progressed Venus – planet of loved ones – at 29 Gemini 26 in house 5 (children and grand children) and cusp ruler of house 3 (the press) – was square (obstacle-crisis) progressed Uranus – planet of disruption and radical change – at 29 Pisces 18R in house 2.

Progressed Mercury – planet of talks – at 21 Leo 31 in house 7 and cusp ruler of house 8 (the public’s money) – was opposition (separation-crisis) birth chart Mars – planet of strife and conflict – at 20 Aquarius 52 in house 1 (her) and cusp ruler of house 9 (her granddaughter in-law – Meghan Markle).

Progressed Mars at 25 Aries 05 in house 2 was inconjunct birth chart Saturn – planet of coldness and loss – at 24 Scorpio 27R in house 9.

And progressed Midheaven (publicity) at 25 Aquarius 30 in house 1 (her) was square (obstacle-crisis) birth chart Midheaven at 25 Scorpio 33.

Progressed Moon (at 10 Capricorn 41 and 22S29 in house 12 – sorrow and disappointment) was semisquare birth chart and progressed Midheaven stimulating their progressed square and parallel progressed Venus at 22 N29 stimulating the progressed Venus-progressed Uranus square.

Her chart’s astrodyne report

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