The Sun is the kingpin of the Universe.  It’s the source of all energy – the controlling potency of our solar system. It provides the energy that physically powers all life forms; and it’s the kingpin of astrology world too.

On the world stage the Sun is the planet of politics, bosses and the ruling class. It engages in political thinking, executive work and administration; and its objective is to gain and maintain power, control and dominance.

To get the positional power and authority it craves it can use aggressive force (Mars), wealth (Jupiter), coercion and cyberespionage (Pluto), economic tariffs and fear (Saturn) or plots, schemes and spies (Neptune).

The Sun section of Aquarius (1881-2188)

In the Sun section of the Aquarian Age the defining trend is intrinsically linked to the Sun’s desire for power, supremacy and domination.

Driven by power, patriotism and out-of-control nationalism the big world powers are striving for dominion, superiority, a winning edge and gold medals.

They’re locked in a titanic struggle for national supremacy and domination and you’ll see the Sun’s quest for victory, glory, prestige and notable achievement on the battle field, in the scientific laboratory and corporate boardroom, and at international sporting competitions. 

And just like some countries will do anything to achieve sporting glory there are some world leaders who are mad for economic and military power.

Military dominance, trade dominance and technological dominance represent power, influence and leadership and in 2019 the tussle for economic and military dominance escalated as US leadership declined and China moved to make its mark on the world.

In 2019 China engaged in a trade-economic war with America, built road and rail projects across Asia and Europe and invested in Africa. It has an axe to grind – a century of humiliation – and it’s out to dominate Asia.

In 2020 there’s a race for quantum superiority and China is sprinting; and China is racing America to be the first country to put humans on Mars.

Where’s the political leadership?

Your political leaders are supposed to lead but in 2020 many learned their confrontational leadership behavior in the school playground.

Rather than providing effective, constructive leadership they’re focused on staying in power; and some are power-hungry nihilists desperate for a notation in humanity’s history book of memorable events.

The political-power agenda involves political ideologies and their advocates want their particular ideology to dominate the world.

In 2020 democracy is under threat from authoritarianism; and there’s a titanic power struggle being played out between the progressives and conservatives.

The political class has the responsibility to address problems and prepare for the future but all it seems to do is talk, squabble and fuel division.

In the Pluto period of the Aquarian Age global politics is hopelessly divided and polarized; and one bad mistake by your country’s leader could ruin your life.

White nationalism and racial superiority

The new nationalism is bursting out of the middle class.

Paranoid white nationalists have a theory that races form a normative hierarchy with whiteness at the top; so their core belief is in white supremacy.

They fear ‘white genocide’, or white ‘replacement’; and their fear is fuelled by the notion that non-white people have a more prolific reproduction rate than white people.

White supremacy is nothing new but in the Sun section of the Aquarian Age it got energized – Adolf Hitler responded – and towards the end of the 20th century a resurgence saw a number of violent attacks in America and Europe.

The belief in white supremacy can be a driving force behind a country’s strict immigration policy and the true believers in America have a deep suspicion of the federal government.

White nationalists throughout Europe actively attack those they perceive to be invading races; and they’re active on the dark corners of the internet spreading their vile propaganda.

Author: DW Sutton

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