Being a member of the human family is a glorious privilege but if you’re one of the common people your life can be a difficult daily struggle.

The common people, also identified as the masses, civilians, ordinary folk or everyday people, make up the bulk of humanity.

They lack the inclination or opportunity to lead and consequently rely on their elected representatives at national, state and local levels to attend to their economic and safety needs.

They’re ruled by the Moon and the Moon is all about home, family life, children, home-making, care-giving, kitchen table issues, food, groceries, water, popular culture and gossip.

The Moon and politics

In politics the Moon rules women and the common people – the general populace – and they wield enormous political power.

In a free and fair democratic election the Moon is largely responsible for electing the political leaders – Sun – who will govern and administer her nation’s economic, social and foreign affairs.

But it’s not uncommon for the common people to suffer hardship and despair because of political incompetence, corruption and what they perceive as out-of-touch elitism.

They can feel alienated from politics and the political process.

They work and struggle and keep the home fires burning but in many countries their basic needs are not met so they blame their political leaders.

Experience has taught them that they can’t be trusted so, driven by fear, frustration and discontent, they can seek solutions to their basic everyday problems in the promises of a populist politician.

If they don’t have a seat at the prosperity banquet they can believe that an inexperienced, politically incorrect populist can lead them to a safe and prosperous economic future. 

Popularism, populism and populist leaders

Popularism is a political doctrine that’s chosen to appeal to the majority of voters. It’s the effect that loud voices, appeals to nationalism and uninformed mass opinion (Moon) can have on governance (Sun).

Popularism employs simple one-line catchy slogans that are designed to have mass appeal; and it follows the course of public sentiment rather than the wiser course of well-trained, well-educated and well informed opinion that is not afraid to lead by doing what is unpopular.

At its worst it disregards minorities and pursues shallow and short-sighted policies that are destined to have long-time adverse consequences.

Populism in politics places the emphasis on the role of the people and their conflict with the ‘Establishment’ and political elite; and in 2020 a number of countries have populist leaders. 

Their defining qualities are bad manners, vulgarity, aggressiveness, fear mongering, versatility and a dislike of political correctness and complexity.

They talk tough, distrust the established system, live in a perpetual state of crisis and are always on the offensive – fighting or degrading perceived enemies and opponents.

The Moon is easily bored and very inconstant so a popularist leader has to provide a cavalcade of sensation and excitement – s/he’s in campaign mode all the time – and popularism is powerful because the Moon is so adaptable.

In 2020 the internet and social media are tools that populist politicians and the enemies of democracy work with and social media campaigns can change government policy.

Author: DW Sutton

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