Ghislaine Maxwell

December 27, 2019: It’s reported by Reuters that Ghislaine Maxwell is wanted by the FBI.

Maxwell, who is known as a socialite (Venus), moved to the United States in 1991. She disappeared from view in 2016 and has been hard to find since the Jeffrey Epstein scandal broke in 2019 when she faced allegations of procuring and sexually trafficking underage girls for Epstein.  

During 2019 progressed ascendant in her chart has been opposition birth chart Saturn in house 9 so she’s frightened and doing all she can to protect herself; and with Mercury – the travel planet – in house 9 she’s very mobile and may have moved to an overseas location.

On November 19, 2019 – with progressed Moon at 23 Virgo 24 in house 5 sesquisquare the progressed Mercury-birth chart Midheaven conjunction – The Sun, a British tabloid (Mercury), offered a 10,000 pounds reward for information on her whereabouts.

Pluto – planet of coercion and forcing people to do things against their will – is in house 5. It forms an exact square aspect with the ascendant so there’s a dark side to her personality; and with Mars in house 7 she has enemies who can do her a lot of harm.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s chart progressed to December 27, 2019

Birth certificate data is December 25, 1961 at 3.20pm CET, Maisons Laffitte, France (48N57; 2E09) 

When Reuters (house 9) reported her being wanted by the FBI progressed Mercury – planet of controversy –  in her chart (at 7 Aquarius 59 in house 9)  was conjunction birth chart Midheaven (publicity) at 8 Aquarius 35.

(The Midheaven-publicity event was timed by transit Venus (at 8 Aquarius 17 in house 9) conjunction progressed Mercury and birth chart Midheaven.)

Progressed Venus – the intercepted ruler of house 12 (FBI) – at 8 Pisces 34 in house 11 was opposition progressed Pluto – planet of crime and trafficking – at 9 Virgo 01R in house 5 (sex and underage juveniles).

(The house 12-FBI event was timed by transit Mercury (at 26 Sagittarius 35 in house 7) conjunction birth chart Venus.)

And progressed Mars – the cusp ruler of house 12 (crime and FBI) – at 15 Aquarius 19 in house 10 (her reputation) was semisquare birth chart Mars at 00 Capricorn 39 in house 7 (opponents and enemies).

With progressed Mercury – the cusp ruler of house 1 (her) and house 5 (the sex trafficking allegations) – conjunction birth chart Midheaven she’ll get her share of publicity during 2020.

Maxwell’s chart progressed to July 2, 2020 – her arrest

Progressed Mars at 15 Aquarius 43 in house 10 – the cusp ruler of house 12 (crime and FBI) – was semisquare birth chart Mars at 00 Capricorn 39 in house 7; progressed ascendant at 00 Leo 05 in house 3 was inconjunct birth chart Mars; and progressed Moon at 00 Libra 43 in house 5 was square birth chart Mars. 

(The event was timed by transit Midheaven at 16 Leo 04 sesquisquare birth chart Mars and opposition progressed Mars.)

Progressed Venus at 9 Pisces 13 in house 11 was opposition progressed Pluto at 9 Virgo 00R in house 5. Venus rules Taurus the intercepted ruler of house 12.  

Progressed Mercury conjunction birth chart Midheaven ensures her plenty of publicity. 

Her chart’s astrodyne report

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