A timeline of major astro-events in 2020

The major astro-events in the sky and the Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto cycles provide big data pertaining to events and conditions here on Earth and 2020 is jam-packed with major events.

The most outstanding – major events – bear the signatures of the planets as they form conjunction, parallel, opposition and square aspects.

The opposition and square aspects in particular attract high-discord events.

They indicate that the energy of the planets is merging in a discordant, destructive way and the event that occurs here on Earth bears this discordant signature.

Saturn – the planet of storms, floods and droughts – causes great hardship and misery; and Mars – the planet of anger, hate and violence – inflicts harm, cruelty and destruction.

Humanity’s unwitting, misguided behavior contributes to destructive weather events via climate change but it has no control over the weather; so all the other ‘bad’ events are in some way the result of some individual, or group of individuals, behaving badly. Then other individuals attempt to right the wrongs and repair the damage.

The astro-events listed in this timeline define events of special types; and the charts used in global astrology allow you to extract data pertaining to the event.

Event forecasting and tracking via these global charts requires an understanding of the planets and the environmental setting in which they operate.

The situation here on Earth on January 1, 2020 represents the starting point for the events and developments that are destined to occur.

Astro-events have time-frames so the events they attract won’t necessarily occur on their indicated peak power dates. Time data is given in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Author: DW Sutton

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