Donald Trump #1

December 18, 2019: President Donald Trump is impeached.

Donald Trump’s chart progressed to December 18, 2019

Birth certificate data is June 14, 1946 at 10.54am EST (40N41; 77W48)

In his chart progressed Sun – planet of self-esteem and significance – the ruler of house 10 (honor-dishonor) at 3 Virgo 15 in house 1 (him) was semisquare (friction) birth chart Jupiter – planet of thoughtless chance – at 17 Libra 27R in house 2 and semisextile progressed Saturn – planet of loss – co-ruler of house 11 (Congress) at 3 Leo 02 in house 12 (crime and self-undoing).

The house 10-Sun dishonor, house 12-Saturn crime and house 11-Saturn impeachment event was timed by transit Jupiter (at 3 Capricorn 40 in house 4) trine progressed Sun and inconjunct progressed Saturn.

Progressed Uranus – planet of sensational events – at 21 Gemini 22 in house 10 (discredit) was opposition (separation) birth chart Moon – the intercepted ruler of house 11 (Congress) – at 21 Sagittarius 12 in house 4.

This house 10-Uranus discredit and house 11-Moon impeachment event was timed by transit ascendant (in house 6 at 6 Aquarius 42) semisquare birth chart Moon and sesquisquare progressed Uranus.

Progressed Midheaven (public standing) at 19N06 was parallel progressed Saturn – planet of loss and regret – at 19N44 in house 12 (self-undoing).

And progressed Mars – planet of strife – at 11 Libra 10 in house 2 was sextile progressed Pluto – planet of crime – at 12 Leo 04 in house 12 and semisquare birth chart Mars at 26 Leo 47 in house 12 (disappointment).

Progressed Moon at 13N42 in house 1 was parallel birth chart Mars at 13N46.

The house 12-Mars-Pluto crime event was timed by transit Sun (in house 4 at 26 Sagittarius 43) trine birth chart Mars and sesquisquare progressed Pluto.

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Author: DW Sutton

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