Boris Johnson

December 12: Boris Johnson is elected Britain’s Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson’s chart progressed to December 12, 2019

Birth data is June 19, 1964 at 2.00pm DST New York, USA (40N43; 74W00) 

Birth data is June 19, 1964 at 2.00pm DST New York, USA (40N43; 74W00)

In his chart progressed Sun – planet of power and politics – at 14N21 in house 11 (hopes and wishes) was parallel progressed Neptune – planet of promotion – at 14N42 in house 2; and progressed Midheaven (popularity and getting the job) at 5 Virgo 52 in house 11 was conjunction birth chart Uranus at 6 Virgo 31.

The house 10-Sun significance event was timed by transit Venus (at 20 Capricorn 59 in house 4) inconjunct progressed Sun and sesquisquare progressed Midheaven.

With Uranus and Pluto forming a prominence (conjunction) aspect in house 11 parliament will be place of division and unexpected developments.

Progressed Neptune – planet of inflation – at 15 Scorpio 09 in house 2 (finances) is opposition (separation) birth chart Jupiter – planet of finances, higher prices and trade) – at 15 Taurus 45 in house 8 (debt and taxes); and progressed Saturn – planet of recessed economic conditions and falling prices – at 2 Pisces 28R in house 5 (the stock market) is square birth chart Mars (strife and argumentation) in house 8.

These high-discord progressions impacting house 2 and house 8 forecast a very difficult divorce settlement with the EU and progressed Moon is in house 2 (finances) till April 4, 2022.

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