Uranus is a rebellious change agent and in 2020 he’s freedom-fighting, protesting for civil and democratic rights, lifting the lid on misconduct, leading the way in AI and machine learning, inventing new technologies and fast changing the world and the way you live.

In 2020 there’s widespread discontent with government corruption and political inaction and Uranus is taking radical action. It’s the activist leading the protest movements, disobedience campaigns, strikes and demonstrations.

But popular uprisings succeed and fail, conservative government brings progress to a grinding halt, new reforms get rolled back, and new technologies have unforeseen consequences so the road ahead is unpredictable and subject to unexpected twists and turns.

Extinction Rebellion

The Uranus inspired organization – Extinction Rebellion – was founded October 31, 2018 when progressed Uranus was opposition Saturn in the Uranus cycle. It describes itself as a pressure group (Pluto). 

Its aim is to use civil disobedience to compel government action on climate breakdown and biodiversity loss. And it organizes and coordinates climate protests around the globe. And only God knows what Uranus can achieve when it gets organized.

The movement uses a circled hourglass, known as the extinction symbol, to warn that time is rapidly running out.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is what a computer uses to perform a task or solve a problem. By using algorithms and historical data the computer creates a propensity model or score card to make predictions. It mimics human intelligence – or the intelligence of its human creator – and in the Age of Aquarius you’re exposed to AI every day. Your word processor is an artificial intelligence.

Artificial means produced by humans, rather than nature, and often implies that the artificial is inferior to the real thing.

Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without explicit programming. It involves AI. An array of historical data is collected and loaded into already tailored ML-algorithms which can predict outcomes from old and new data. Limited only by its processing power and memory a machine is taught to perform various complex tasks like diagnosing diseases by symptoms.

It’s all made possible by Uranus and Pluto and with the influence of both planets escalating in 2020 you can expect machine learning to charge ahead although the influence of Pluto warns of misconduct, wrong doing and criminal misuse by developers and users.

3D images and the 3D-video-ology revolution

In 2020 Uranus powers a biology revolution as established technologies and new techniques create videos of the body’s inner-workings at a level of detail never before seen. 

Improvements in camera technology and image processing and increased computing power have created ‘ultra-high-definition-3D-video-ology’ – videos that show researchers what is going on in cells and paving the way for the development of better drugs for infectious disease.

3D printing for medical purposes paves the way for bioprinting, biofabrication – the 3D printing of biological matters – i.e. living cells, regenerative medicine – the regeneration of tissue, and for 3D printing of personal bones.

What the 3D researchers can’t see is the not-conscious soul intelligence that’s conducting the biological processes. And an understanding of the controlling intelligence paves the way for pro-active prevention.

Knowledge of the thoughts, feelings and impulses that define life and their personal arrangement in the birth chart is contained in the science of astrology. And by changing or modifying the discordant thoughts and feelings that incline towards a specified disease its development is prevented.

Uranus in 2020

In 2020 Uranus is all about technology and the smartphone is a life changing technology. It has changed the way you live. You read books, watch movies and go shopping on your smartphone.

Uranus is making an aggressive push for change and there’s a sense of urgency as angry discontentment driven by economic and social inequalities explodes into protests, riots and people’s uprisings.

There’s a clean energy revolution, a green industrial revolution and hair raising shocks and surprises. Uranus proves that actions can have unintended consequences.

Freedom of speech and hate are key issues and militants and extremists are on the warpath.

Whistleblowers expose the misconduct of governments, politicians and bankers so they’re hated and can have their lives ruined.

Author: DW Sutton

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