Emmanuel Macron

December 5, 2019: Emmanuel Macron’s pension plan reforms get an angry protest response from French citizens.

Emmanuel Macron's chart progressed to December 5, 2019

Birth record data is December 21, 1977 at 10.40am CET (2E18; 49N54)

In his chart progressed Venus – the intercepted ruler of house 8 (pensions) – at 14 Aquarius 33 in house 1 (him) was square (obstacle) birth chart Moon – the people and cusp ruler of house 6 (workers and employees) – at 14 Taurus 29 in house 3 (transport workers); semisquare (friction) birth chart Mercury – planet of controversy – the cusp ruler of house 8 (pensions) at 29 Sagittarius 52R in house 11 (parliament); and square (obstacle) birth chart Uranus – planet of strikes and protests – at 14 Scorpio 50 in house 9 (teachers).

Progressed Moon (at 16 Scorpio 48 in house 9) was conjunction progressed Uranus in house 9 and semisextile progressed Pluto in house 8.

The house 8-Venus-Mercury-Uranus protest event was timed by transit Jupiter (at 00 Capricorn 39 in house 11) conjunction birth chart Mercury; transit Mercury (at 17S17 in house 9) parallel progressed Venus at 17S41; and progressed Midheaven (at 15S47 in house 12) parallel birth chart Uranus at 15S55.

His chart’s astrodyne report

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