Mars square Pluto in the sky: November 2019

Astro-events (aspects) involving the planets in global charts, cycle charts and the sky have their progeny here on Earth. And Hermetic astrology provides forecast models that permit reliable forecasting and prediction.

The more knowledge you have of the astro-data – the planets and aspects – the more reliable your forecast.

Astro-forecasting is just like weather forecasting except the astrological environment – primarily the planets – provides a larger range of options.

Each planet has influence over a number of mundane matters so you’re left with deciding if the event forecast by an aspect in the Jupiter cycle involves finances, a bank, trade agreement, legal matter, court case or religious matter.

Whatever, you can be sure that during the forecast period – the energy-event’s time-frame – an important Jupiter event will occur; and if you forecast the event before its start date you’ve made an accurate prediction.

Our monthly snapshots list energy-events that influence the whole world but if you work with your country’s cycle charts you can pinpoint the mundane matters and people ruled by the houses directly impacted and make an even more accurate forecast.

The energy-event in a global chart or the sky expresses through human actors who bring the event down to Earth; and the energy-event has a time frame or forecast period during which the astral influence of the planets – here on Earth – is very pronounced.

The harmony or discord of the energy-event measures its nature or quality which is commonly described as fortunate and good or unfortunate and bad.

Your forecast verification involves matching events – here on Earth – with their parents in the sky via a reliable news service.

Mars square Pluto: November 4, 5 and 6, 2019

A progressed aspect in the Mars cycle has a 72 hour forecast period during which a major Mars event occurs – usually involving violence, strife, disputation or an accident or fire and the police, army or firefighters.

Planet Earth is plagued with violence. Human actors are jam-packed with aggressive energy so it takes very little Mars stimulation to demonstrate a Mars event and on November 4, 5 and 6, 2019, when progressed Mars was square Pluto in the Mars cycle and Mars was square Pluto the sky, it was a particularly violent 72 hours.

The following events received coverage on major news websites.

In Iraq at least eight people were killed, and up to thirty wounded when security forces fired live rounds at protestors trying to scale a barricade in Baghdad.

In Sonora, Mexico gunmen killed 9 American Mormons.

In Piedmont, Italy three firefighters were killed in an explosion caused by two bombs at an abandoned farm building.

At a border checkpoint between Tajikistan and Uzbekistan twenty gunmen opened fire killing a border guard and a policeman. Fifteen assailants were killed.

In Jerash, Jordan a knife wielding man attacked a group (Pluto) of tourists, wounding three Mexicans and a Swiss before being arrested.

In Beni Territory, DR Congo ten civilians were killed by ADF militiamen who crossed the border from Uganda.

In Burkina Faso 39 civilians died and another 60 injured when gunmen attacked a Canadian gold mining company.

In South Thailand gunmen killed 15 people and injured five at a security checkpoint if Yala Province. The attack is the most deadly in years.

And off the coast of Benin nine crew members of a Norwegian ship were kidnapped (Pluto).

No doubt a Mars event featured near the top of the news queue where you live; and when progressed Mars in the Mars cycle again forms a square or opposition aspect with Pluto you can reliably forecast acts of violence and more precisely mass killings, stabbings and explosions.

Author: DW Sutton

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