Eclipses and you

Throughout the Age of Pisces the information pertaining to eclipses wasn’t scientific or evidence-based. It was based on belief, fear and supposition and it seems likely that ‘a great amount of nonsense has been written about eclipses’.

In particular it was commonly believed that an eclipse would have an influence on you personally.  And now, in the age of science, fortune-tellers continue to peddle this supposition without putting it to the test.

Well, back in the 1930s in the interest of verifying what was fact and fallacy The Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department took the ancient belief and put it to the test.

It collected a large number of instances where either a solar or lunar eclipse took place in the same zodiacal degree occupied by the Sun or other planets in a person’s birth chart and found that an event that occurred at the time of the eclipse was clearly explained and fully accounted for by the chart’s progressed aspects at the time.

This research dispelled the idea that an eclipse was going to have an influence on you personally and banished, with knowledge, the fear and supposition associated with eclipses.

So, the astrological influence of an eclipse is restricted to the region where the eclipse shadow falls and if you happen to live in this region and the eclipse falls in the same degree of the zodiac as the Sun or some other planet in your chart it does not signify an event that can be attributed to it. And the science is solid.

Don’t be misled by false assumptions

But this research-based science hasn’t stopped the fortune-tellers spreading false information on their websites.

They haven’t tested the ancient presumption and they don’t understand the science of progressed aspects. And by informing you that an eclipse will have an influence on you personally they’re peddling misinformation.

You need to know that

1. The planets in your birth chart by their house positions give specified life-matters a distinct trend

2. That a major progressed aspect to a planet in a house times when the birth chart predisposition can become a life-changing event of major importance

3. That events commonly defined as disasters are ruled by Mars and they’re more inclined to occur when Mars is involved in a high-discord progression and

4. Knowledge like this allows you to take action and prevent the indicated disaster from occurring.

If you experience a disaster-type-event at the time of an eclipse it will have nothing to do with the eclipse. Rather, like all major events, it will be made possible by your local environment and sign posted by the progressed aspects operating in your chart at the time it occurs.

Author: DW Sutton

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