Eclipses and you

It’s unfortunate that most Aquarian Age astrology is untested data that’s been handed down from the ancient past and accepted as gospel. And the eclipse data – both mundane and personal – comes from a treatise of astrological knowledge – Tetrabiblos – compiled by Claudius Ptolemy in the second century.

It’s presumed that Ptolemy wrote about the three types of eclipses – total, partial and annular – and he claimed that eclipses are the ‘first and most potent’ cause of change with the sign positions of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn providing supplementary data  in regard to the type of change and countries involved.

Astrologers in the distant past only worked with seven planets. They were unaware of Uranus – the change-agent – Neptune and Pluto.

Ptolemy claimed that the effects of an eclipse would be most noticeable in regions where it was visible; and that the period of obscuration determines the endurance of the effect with each hour for a solar eclipse measuring years and each hour for a lunar eclipse measuring months.

So, Ptolemy observed an eclipse starting and ending – its period of obscuration – and he would have used a sundial, shadow clock or plumb-line to do the measuring. But in the Age of Aquarius the measuring is done differently and with exceptional accuracy.

Now, an eclipse refers to the total or partial obscuring of one celestial body by another and this has a beginning, maximum peak and ending.

On December 26, 2019 the annular solar eclipse at Jaffna, Sri Lanka begins at 9.33.57am; the maximum eclipse occurs at 9.35.30am; and the eclipse ends at 9.37.09am. So the eclipse duration is 3 minutes 12 seconds – not hours.

The partial eclipse begins at 8.09.03am local time and ends at 11.21.14am so Ptolemy’s period of obscuration is 3 hours 12 minutes and 11 seconds.

Ptolemy claimed that the change an eclipse forecast could be beneficial or detrimental and since he documented the ancient rules in Tetrabiblos thousands of partial and total eclipses have occurred but it wasn’t until the 193os that the Brotherhood of Light Astrological Research Department put his rules to the test.

Its research findings concluded

  1. If a Solar Eclipse occurs in a region where there is considerable population, within a few months before, or much more likely within a few months after, there is a disaster in the region where the eclipse is visible; and
  2. While the disaster tends to be near the central path of the eclipse, it may be anywhere in which it is even partially visible. The exact place of the disaster is most likely determined by the progressed aspects in the birth charts of cities and regions, and the progressed aspects in the cycle charts affecting those places.

But since the Brotherhood of Light conducted its eclipse research in 1930s the internet has arrived and the world has become connected. Websites provide specialized data pertaining to eclipses; and events of national significance are reported on websites streaming 24/7 news so obtaining accurate eclipse data and tracking eclipse events is easy. 

Time, date a place data for eclipses can be found at Sun & Moon – Eclipses

But accurate forecasting will require forecast data that is evidence-based especially in regard to the time-frame covering the forecast period. It’s set at a few months before or after the eclipse. A few is commonly seen as 3 or more so the disaster event relating to an eclipse can occur 3, 4 or 5 months before or after the eclipse occurs and research is required to confirm if this time-frame holds up when it’s applied to a large set of data.

The science of astrology embraces knowledge pertaining to the nature of events and their timing and because the timing factor can be projected into the future astrology can forecast, quite reliably, when an event of a specified nature can occur.

Accurate forecasting validates the science but in an age when no one’s listening the science is of little use. But if you’re going to use the science to guide your endeavours you need to know what’s reliable and what’s unsubstantiated belief.

And all the websites informing you that an eclipse will have an influence on you personally are spreading misinformation. An eclipse is not going to have any influence on you personally – and the science is solid.

You need to know

  1. The planets in your birth chart by their house positions give specified life-matters a distinct trend
  2. That a major progressed aspect to a planet in a house times when the birth chart predisposition can become a life-changing event of major importance
  3. That events commonly defined as disasters are ruled by Mars and they’re more inclined to occur when Mars is involved in a high-discord progression and
  4. Having knowledge like this allows you to take action and prevent the indicated disaster from occurring

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