Jupiter transits Capricorn: December 2019 – December 2020

On December 3, 2019 Jupiter – the planet of finances, trade, sales, higher prices, growth, expansion, prosperity, religion, legal matters, the courts and arbitration – moves to Capricorn and from then until December 19, 2020 will have some influence over  business activity, business practices, business systems, government administration and diplomatic relations.

Well, that’s the theory that was proposed by astrologers who had mindsets defined by belief and supposition.

Piscean Age astrologers couldn’t give their theories a thorough testing and you can’t believe and thoughtlessly accept an untested traditional teaching. And even in today’s connected world it’s difficult to observe and test the theory that Jupiter’s sign transit will have a beneficial influence on specified mundane matters and countries.

In 2020 business (Capricorn) will battle economic headwinds and recession so it desperately needs any help that Jupiter can give but whether the help comes from Jupiter in Capricorn or Jupiter’s three conjunctions with Pluto is the astro-dilemma. And no one knows which countries are apparently destined to experience the benefits of Jupiter’s good fortune for 12 months.

One thing is certain: events related to Jupiter’s conjunctions with Pluto will directly impact business activity and business practices.

Jupiter and you

When it comes to you and Jupiter’s transit of Capricorn there’s widespread misinformation on the internet. The science of transits reveals that Jupiter’s transit of a sign or house in your birth chart is inconsequential. It does not specify anything special, but Jupiter in your birth chart does. It provides big personal data that you need to know about.

Your birth chart is all about your mind and character.

To be precise it’s a map of your unconscious or not-conscious mind and this dynamic world of thoughts, feelings and impulses is embedded with powerful urges: And Jupiter in your birth chart is the data-point for information pertaining to your religious urge.

It’s defined by thoughts and feelings that may or may not express a desire to worship and lead a conventional religious life – that’s primarily determined by your family’s religious beliefs – but you do have a personal philosophy that guides your behavior and Jupiter in your chart provides valuable information pertaining to your moral compass.

What this means to you is determined by your conditioning by experience and local environment. It may involve a desire to make money and achieve financial prosperity and Jupiter in your birth chart reveals your potential to attain wealth and plenty. And you can use money to do good.

The relative power of your religious thinking in a busy thought environment is measured by Jupiter’s astrodyne score. And its harmony or discord score measures its functionality and your potential to experience Jupiter type good fortune or misfortune.

If Jupiter has a high astrodyne score you will regularly experience thoughts of benevolence, veneration, hope, optimism, devotion, selling, good-will and generosity. And you will be very inclined to give and do favors, forgive and forget, follow a profession, make lots of money and pay extravagant prices.

Jupiter by its house position reveals where you will experience good fortune and plenty. These life-matters, activities and social relationships will travel a fortunate course. All things considered this area of your life is a comfort zone – a safe-haven – and even when mishap arises you’ll manage to get through – just in the nick of time.

The aspects that Jupiter forms are markers for not-conscious thought-complexes. They reveal if your not-conscious religious thought activity is harmonious and desiring fortunate events or discordant and desiring unfortunate events. And this knowledge allows you to take action to correct the misguided Jupiter thinking and prevent Jupiter type misfortune.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance, optimism and joviality and major events involving these matters only occur when Jupiter is activated by progression.

You have a birth chart and what’s currently taking place in your life is defined by the major progressed aspects in your chart and situations that represent the fortunate and unfortunate consequences of your not-conscious thinking.   

So transit Jupiter in Capricorn during 2020, by its house position and aspects in your birth chart is having next to no influence on your life.

Author: DW Sutton

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