The planets and you

The Sun (a fixed star), the Moon (a satellite of Earth) and Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are celestial bodies that observation and research confirm transmit astrological energies.

Collectively they’re identified as the planets and the astral vibrations they transmit influence life on Earth.

These astral vibrations (energies), that have yet to be detected by the most advanced technology, do not directly impact physical substance.  They operate in the realm of four dimensional space and time – the astral world – and your soul, existing and functioning in the same high-speed realm, is a receiver-transmitter of the astral broadcasts they transmit. Your soul is a mobile astral radio. 

Your physical body is composed of physical cells and your soul – or astral body – is composed of thought-cells.  It’s a thought built body and the thoughts that define its structure have merged into 10 dynamic thought-cell groups.

Thought-cell groups

These thought-cell groups have the same or similar vibratory frequency as their markers in your birth chart and they pick-up – radio fashion – the astral energies transmitted by the planets. 

A thought-cell group expressing a particular desire has the same vibratory rate as its planet-marker and that’s why you can use the planets in your birth chart to learn about the thoughts, feelings and impulses that define your mind and character.

These thought-cell groups, not the planets, provide the impetus that directs and shapes your life. 

Thought-cell groups vary in their strength or power and one will dominant your thought and feeling world.  And some, due to their conditioning by experience, are embedded with harmonious desire energy that works to attract fortunate events and conditions and others express discordant desire energy that works to attract mishap and unfortunate events.

Your soul’s thought structure is constantly changed or modified by the thoughts you think.  Your routine thinking defines your regular not-conscious thought-cell activity and new thoughts and feelings find a home and embed in their parent thought-cell group.

Thought-cell activity takes place below the level of objective consciousness and the (not-conscious) thoughts, feelings and impulses that come to your attention stream into your conscious field of awareness via electromagnetic energy produced by the cells of your brain and nervous system.

The planets and you

The planets in your birth chart allow you to get a handle on your not-conscious thought-cell activity and the thoughts, feelings and impulses you consciously experience allow you to clarify birth chart data with real-life evidence.

At all times you’re being moved by a not-conscious desire that has its marker in your birth chart.

Your life story is an expression of your character.  The fortunate and unfortunate events you experience are the result of not-conscious thought-cell activity doing its thing.  You – the intelligent thinker – have very little input. 

Your life unfolds as the planets in your birth chart progress and stimulate not-conscious desire into action; so you go where your not-conscious desires take you.  Your life is produced and directed by your soul.

The thoughts and feelings ruled by a planet in your chart with above average power are very pronounced in your daily life; and when they’re stimulated by a progressed aspect they become much more active.  

This easily observed fact indicates that intelligent thought-cell life or thought-organizations within your not-conscious soul-mind are the result of the astrological activity in your birth chart and that not-conscious thought-cell activity is the active agent through which the planets operate.

Author: DW Sutton

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