Life is a very mysterious puzzle.

It really is a great mystery.

The breathing physical form requires a coherent explanation and human intelligence has always responded to the challenge.

During the Age of Pisces religious authority claimed the mystery was a theological secret.

Aquarian Age biologists think they’ve discovered what the secret is – and it isn’t a metaphysical entity.

It’s a chemical called deoxyribonucleic acid – DNA.

But is it?

You have this fixed image of life being a body in motion and that’s the only image you can entertain.

You can recognize life, but can’t quite specify and describe it.

A precise, simple definition is impossible to find.

The Hutchinson Encyclopedia states: ‘Life – the ability to grow, reproduce, and respond to such stimuli as light, heat and sound.’

So there’s a pressing demand to truly understand what life is.

It’s always thought about in biological terms – complex molecules and chemical catalysis – and it’s generally agreed that life is something that replicates and grows and that this requires energy.

From a biological perspective life is understood in terms of chemistry.

The belief in a fundamental human essence that makes you human has been abandoned.

Your life is the stuff of genes.

They’re packages of inherited information aligned along the chromosomes inside the cell’s nucleus and biological life is controlled by the four bases in DNA.

But life is so mysterious that the common scientific investigator is bound to make mistakes of observation and interpretation.

S/he’s very inclined to form opinions based on faulty or insufficient evidence.

So what is life?


Life and its origins are a marvelous mystery but when the mystery is revealed it is even more marvelous than you ever imagined.

You’ve been told that life is a collection of biochemical processes and that your body is an incredible living machine that runs on fuel from the foods you eat and the air you breathe.

But in biology life does the selecting.

Life selects molecules.

Life selects the cells having optimum size and structure for its purpose.

Life does the experimenting.

Life makes changes.

Life seeks improvements.

Life adapts.

And Hermetic science proposes that all these activities are an expression of the feeling and intelligence that’s associated with physical forms.

What’s going on is an expression of the feeling and intelligence acquired by a soul on its evolutionary journey.

Intelligence acquired through experience provides the knowledge that can build a physical form and manage its biochemical activity.

Life is feeling and intelligence expressing through form.

When Hermetic science talks about a vital life-force it’s talking about astral soul intelligence that orthodox science has yet to discover.

Hermetic science claims that life is driven by the need to experience and the capacity to evolve and develop intelligence.

It teaches that all life is one and that its grade of biological expression simply replicates its evolutionary level of knowledge development.

It claims that astral substance is where experience is retained as feeling and intelligence and that the observed effects of astrological energies indicate there is more to life than flesh, blood and bones.

Author: DW Sutton

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