Saturn cycle: February 16, 1997 – March 26, 2026

The Saturn cycle chart is a specific event chart.

It’s a blueprint-forecast of Saturn type events only.

Events occur as progressed Saturn forms aspects with the planets in the chart.

Each country’s chart is calculated for its administrative capital.

Cycle data

Start date and time: February 16, 1997 at 5.25.53am GMT

End date: March 26, 2026

The Saturn cycle chart for a specified country shows what departments of mundane life are affected, and how, by orthodox thought, cautiousness, conservatism, economy, cut-backs, fear, security, protectionism and shortages.

Saturn aspect analysis

Saturn sextile (opportunity) Mercury – the planet of talk, controversy, the press, writers and scientists – forecasts sober thinking and effective decision making.

Saturn opposition (separation) Mars – the planet of strife, war, disputes, guns, accidents and fires – is the chart’s worst aspect.

It forecasts destruction in the war zones, widespread poverty and disease, destructive weather events, no progress on gun security, fear and anger.

Saturn sextile (opportunity) Jupiter – the planet of finances, rising prices, trade, legal matters and religion – indicates cautious financial policies, stable prices and favorable business conditions.

Saturn sextile (opportunity) Uranus – the planet of change, innovation and technology – signs for cautious change and security-technology.

And Saturn trine (luck) Pluto – planet of groups, cooperation, dictators, and misinformation – forecasts cooperation on the security front, compulsory safety measures and farmers forming cooperative groups.

Americas Saturn cycle chart

Chart data is 12.25.53am EST, February 16, 1997 (38N53; 77W01)

Saturn in house 5 (the stock market, entertainment, sport, sex, children and schools) forecasts falls in stock prices, sporting losses, problems for the film/entertainment sector, a shortage of schools, school building cutbacks, movements to safeguard schools and frightened children.

House 3 dominates so transportation and communications are influenced by security concerns, storms, floods, loss and failure.

Britains Saturn cycle chart

Chart data is 5.25.53am GMT, February 16, 1997 (51N36; 00W06)

Saturn in house 2 (money matters, spending and banks) forecasts financial losses, restrained spending, careful economic planning and problems for the banking/financial sector.

House 1 dominates so the welfare of the people is a security concern.

Chinas Saturn cycle chart

Chart data is 1.25.53pm CST, February16, 1997 (39N55; 116E25)

Saturn in house 10 (the administration and business activity) forecasts hard-line administration, conservative administrative trends, restrained business activity, reputational damage and bitter criticism.

House 8 dominates so revenue raising and debt are key issues.

India's Saturn cycle chart

Chart data is 10.55.53am IST, February 16, 1997 (28N36; 77E12)

Saturn in house 11 (parliament, friends and allies) forecasts a cautious mood in parliament, conservative trends to legislative procedure and losses through the actions of friends and allies.

House 10 dominates so government policy and business are influenced by conservatism and orthodoxy. 

Australias Saturn cycle chart

Chart data is 3.25.53pm AEST, February 16, 1997 (35S17; 149E08)

Saturn in house 9 (trade, religion, law, constitution, internet, social media, advertising and publishing) forecasts problems with trade and trade deals, cutbacks to university funding, conservative law making, less people going to church, restraints hampering publishing, losses involving the internet and problems with the National Broadband Network.

House 8 dominates so taxation and government revenue are key issues influencing what eventuates.

Author: DW Sutton

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