Pluto cycle: February 26, 1988 – March 2, 2109

The Pluto cycle chart is a specific event chart.

It’s a blueprint-forecast of Pluto type events only.

Events occur as progressed Pluto forms aspects to the planets in the chart.

Each country has its own chart. It’s calculated for its administrative capital.

Cycle data

Start date and time: February 26, 1988 at 11.24.23pm GMT

End date: March 2, 2109

The Pluto cycle chart for a specified country shows what departments of mundane life are affected, and how, by groups, cooperation, globalization, the splitting into opposing factions, dictatorial power, coercion, intimidation and crime.

Pluto aspect analysis

Pluto trine (luck) the Sun (political leaders) forecasts cooperation between governments and world leaders.

Pluto trine (luck) the Moon (the common people) forecasts cooperation between the peoples of the world.

This lucky Pluto-Sun-Moon grand trine favors harmonious cooperation between the people and their elected political representatives.

Pluto square (obstacle) Mercury (science, information and literary work) forecasts a high-discord onslaught of inversion, misinformation, false data, disinformation and fallacious and spurious claims.

It represents the biggest menace facing humanity.

Pluto semisquare (friction) Saturn (security, protection, fear and hard-line conservatism) forecasts crime, bullying, division, disunity and cooperative group effort vanquished by selfishness.

Pluto semisquare (friction) Uranus (extremism, racism and technology) forecasts extreme disunity, extremists groups, racial prejudice, coercion and intimidation and tech-wrecks.

And Pluto sextile (opportunity) Neptune (idealism and visionary schemes) forecasts cooperative effort and idealistic groups contributing to the common good.

America’s Pluto cycle chart

Chart data is February 26, 1988 at 6.24.23pm EST (38N53; 77W01)

Pluto in house 3 (transportation, roads, communications, telephone and postal services, literary work, newspapers and neighboring countries) forecasts division and disunity regarding transport and communications upgrades, newspapers mergers and coercive relations with neighbors.

Britain’s Pluto cycle chart

Chart data is February 26, 1988 at 11.24.23pm GMT (51N36; 00W06)

Pluto in house 1 (the people and their welfare) forecasts widespread public disunity and a nation split into opposing factions.

China’s Pluto cycle chart

Chart data is February 27, 1988 at 7.24.23am AWST (39N55; 116E25)

Pluto in house 8 (taxes, tariffs, debt, insurance, Xi Jinping’s cabinet and death) forecasts coercive taxation policies, compulsory tariffs, drastic tactics by Xi’s cabinet and deaths of groups of people.

India’s Pluto cycle chart

Chart data is February 27, 1988 at 4.54.23am IST (28N36; 77E12)

Pluto in house 9 (trade, commerce, radio, television, web, churches, religion, law, legal matters, universities, teachers and publishing) forecasts coercive trade practices, drastic law-making and a country divided by an ancient caste system that has to go.

Australia’s Pluto cycle chart

Chart data is February 27, 1988 at 9.24.23am AEST (35S17; 149E08)

Pluto in house 7 (the international stage, foreign powers, international relations, enemies and war) forecasts coercive international relations, cooperation with partners and threats and intimidation by foreign powers.

Author: DW Sutton

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