Using Mars energy constructively

Elbert Benjamine

All too frequently we are apt to view Mars as chiefly exerting an influence which tends to attract violence, accident and sickness, without recognizing how very necessary his vibrations are in various kinds of constructive effort.

It is true that 78% of all serious accidents which people have, take place, according to statistical research, when there is a progressed aspect to the planet Mars, and that in 70% of such accidents the progressed aspect is discordant.

And it is true that people who contract typhoid fever have, according to our statistical research, Mars afflicted in their birth charts; and at the time they had the disease there was a progressed aspect to Mars, usually a discordant one.

Furthermore, surgical operations, burns, infection, contagious diseases such as small-pox, measles, scarlet fever and chicken pox, are indicated by Mars; and it is the most important factor in cases of blood poison, malaria, rheumatism, urinary complaints and in some kidney trouble.

Yet according to our view, the planet is responsible for these troubles only in an indirect way.

Afflictions to Mars stimulate thoughts of lust, destruction, combat, and strife.

These thoughts, both conscious and unconscious, broadcast their characteristic energies or, as we now believe, the thought cells thus energized, work from the four-dimensional plane to attract destructive conditions into the life.

These energies of Mars, however, are equally potent when diverted into constructive channels.

And when they are present, as they are when Mars is prominent in the birth chart, and at those times when Mars makes a strong aspect by progression, it takes no tremendous effort to give them some special direction which absorbs their force.

Under a progressed aspect to Mars it is easy to become angry and get into a quarrel; but it is also easy to build something.

Using Mars energy constructively

It is not difficult to divert Mars energy from building up to tearing down or from tearing down to building up.

The energy, when present in unusual volume, is sure to find relief through one of these two types of expression.

According to an analysis of 100 charts of doctors, the profession which strives to rebuild bodies, 99% have Mars prominent in their birth charts.

Statistical research on the birth charts of 100 astrologers reveals that among those who handle mathematics readily there is always an aspect between Mars and Mercury or between Mars and the Moon.

Out of 100 charts of law-enforcement officers, 100% have Mars prominent in their birth charts.

These people, instead of using Mars to tear down and destroy, put its energy to a use in a beneficial way, as do engineers and aviators.

Consider also, as ascertained from a study of 150 birth charts of men and women who lived beyond 70, that an aspect from Mars to the Sun is the strongest single birth chart influence giving length of life.

People whose calling requires daring, initiative or constructive effort need a prominent Mars.

And if one has Mars thus prominent, even if it is greatly afflicted, there need be no cause for undue concern.

Such concern, as is felt, should not be towards the suppressing of the Mars activities but to thoroughly cultivate the constructive type of thinking and feeling that the Mars energies will be diverted into some form of constructive work.

When thoroughly occupied in some constructive activity there is little chance of the Mars energy getting up to mischief and mishap.

To handle Mars, give it so much constructive work to do that the attention of your mind has no opportunity to dwell on thoughts or feelings associated with destruction, or with injury to others.

Author: DW Sutton

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