Cetus the sea monster

The decanate of Aquarius into which the equinox passed in 1881 is the Libra decanate, pictured in the sky by Cetus a monster whale.

It’s the same whale that is reputed to have swallowed Jonah.

Libra is the sign of equality, partnership and marriage.

Woman was in bondage prior to 1881, but when the equinox entered the Libra decanate she began to struggle for her equal rights.

In 1921, based on his knowledge of natural law Elbert Benjamine forecast that women will gain equal suffrage and equal economic rights, not only in a few countries, but the world over.

Progress has been made but there’s still too much gender inequality and women and girls around the globe suffer educational and work disadvantages.

Girls and young women are forced into arranged marriages.

Cetus pictures marital discord.

It’s the greatest evil on the face of the Earth today.

The loveless marriage has devastating health consequences.

In Greek Mythology, Perseus, symbolizing the enlightened mind of humanity, slew this whale monster and rescued fair Andromeda – the collective soul of the human race – from its discord.

In the Age of Aquarius evidence-based knowledge and enlightened activists will eradicate the discord symbolized by Cetus, the sea monster.

Cetus signs for danger

Cetus is the symbol of discord.

It’s transmitting a red alert.

The human race is in danger of being chained to the rock of atheistic materialism by the arrogance and pride of scholastic dictators.

Atheistic biology is a dangerous monster.

You’re not DNA in motion.

You’re not a random genetic event.

Your birth chart provides information about you, your character and your life.

Your soul is adhered to your physical body by the psychokinetic power of its thoughts.

The electromagnetic radiations generated by the cells of your physical body facilitate the transfer of information from you to your soul and from your soul back to your brain and nervous system.

Aquarian Age knowledge proves that DNA is not the secret of life.

Electromagnetic energy is the magical elixir.

Cetus symbolizes the dangers of aggressive militarism.

In the hands of materialistic atheists Aquarian Age science has become the means for acquiring new and greater implements of destruction.

The sea monster warns that the rock of materialism is washed by the waves of racial prejudice and jealous passions.

Heed the warnings

Astrology explains that the Libra decanate of Aquarius attains its greatest efficiency and success when there’s harmonious association with others and marriage with a kindred soul.

It warns against denying true love, making true love subservient to material ambitions or a life of isolation.

It advocates for mixing with others, taking a keen interest in making the world a better place, following the dictates of the heart and realizing companionship in the higher sense.

On the world stage nations should be working together.

They should not be building walls and other barriers.

Wealthy nations should not exploit those that are rich in resources but lacking in political power.

This is not just a matter of ethical conduct to help the weak.

It’s a matter of natural law.

The nation that disregards the guiding force of love destroys its sole means of making progress and attaining success.

Author: DW Sutton

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