Astrodynes in global astrology

Astrodynes measure the relative power of each planet, aspect, sign and house in any birth chart. Those markers with the highest astrodyne scores are the chart’s hot-spots. 

Harmodynes measure a planet’s harmony and functional status. Harmony expresses as fortunate events, growth, beneficial conditions and success. 

Discordynes measure a planet’s discord and dysfunction. Discord expresses as adversity, unfortunate events, detrimental conditions, struggle and failure.

Discord spells trouble. The mundane-matters ruled by a high-discord planet or house in a global chart are inclined to experience problems, difficulties and setbacks.

Astrodyne data provides a global forecaster with important information that s/he can factor into a chart’s assessment.


… it’s difficult to measure the functional influence of a planet or house in a global chart.

In a cycle chart it’s the chart’s ruler and its house position that defines the forecast rather than their astrodyne power.

In a chart for an astrological event in the sky it’s the planets involved in the event and their house positions that define the forecast rather than their astrodyne power.

The functional influence of a planet on the mundane-matters ruled by the house in which it is located is determined by the aspects it receives from other planets. 

They give the planet’s characteristic influence a constructive or destructive trend of expression. Each aspect modifies the functional status of the planetary energy.

How do you measure discord?

Converting power, harmony and discord into real life events is impossible.  

How do you measure discord? By the number of points the market falls; the number of people who are unemployed; or the number of people killed in a suicide bombing?

It’s best to judge the discord impacting a house by the aspects a planet in the house receives rather than its discord score.

You can rate the level of discord using the system that rates the level of fire danger.




Very High



Catastrophic – red alert

A chart’s discord score – low, moderate, high, very high or severe – determines its discord rating. But this rating ignores the type of discord.

Mars type discord forecasts conflict, war, disputation, acts of violence, accidents and fires. Bombs and guns will cause death and destruction. Blood will be spilt.

Saturn type discord forecasts loss, hardship, suffering, economic problems, security failures, disease, storms, floods and natural disasters.

Sun type discord forecasts political problems, administrative incompetence and scandals involving those in high office.

And Pluto type discord forecasts crime, corruption, disunity, insidious evil, group activity, subtle manipulation and a lack of transparency.

The discord may be immediate and last for years or not immediately obvious.

There can be a time lag between a high discord astrological event and how it fully manifests on the world stage.

Some take home messages

Each global chart pictures an astrological scenario.

Applying a quantitative and qualitative measurement to a forecast model assists the assessment process, but this assistance is general rather than specific. 

After the event occurs you can watch the chart and the event it describes on your smartphone or computer screen.

Author: DW Sutton

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