Uranus square Pluto in the sky

A square aspect in the sky has a 10º orb so Uranus moved to form a square aspect with Pluto in March 2009.

It signaled the start of a new reign of terror. Uranus was in Pisces (restrictions, relief measures and crime) and Pluto was in Capricorn (business, corporation and government administration.)

Then, on May 29, 2010 Uranus, the planet of extremists and radical politics, moved to Aries, the militant zodiac sign, but it wasn’t until March 12, 2011 that its major eight-year transit of Aries got into top gear.  

It signaled the start of a new reign of militant extremism.

From June 24, 2012 to March 17, 2015 Uranus and Pluto formed seven square aspects and each one marked for menacing moment.

Uranus is the planet of freedom-fighters and radical extremists.

Lower-Pluto is the planet of terror groups and it’s more insidious than you ever imagined. Its chief method of destruction is inversion – the subtle distortion of facts – and these days the inversion is so understated and cunning that it’s missed by even the most astute observer. Lower-Pluto – you see – is humanity’s great menace.

She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing, a devious trouble-maker disseminating a vile, evil message. And special privilege and special interest groups are using subtle inversion to create a public opinion that’s favorable to their purpose. 

Lower-Pluto is a cesspool of putrid thoughts and feelings that have to be challenged but personally avoided. But with so much bad stuff going on it’s easy to get caught off-guard and you can find yourself viewing or hearing something that’s being broadcast from Lower-Pluto’s murky world of lies, misinformation and inversions. The ten-second warning you got didn’t help.

The seventh Uranus square Pluto aspect in the sky in March 2015 marked an important turning point but the legacy of their seven square aspects is destined to last a lot longer.  

The two planets will remain within the 10º effective orb of a square aspect till May 2019.

Author: DW Sutton

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