Minor progressed aspects

Minor progressions are an ancient astrological teaching but the knowledge was lost until 1910 when it was rediscovered by Elbert Benjamine.

They’re the astrological month for a year progressions.

As the planets in your birth chart progress their movement during one astrological month equates to one year in the life.

An astrological month is the time it takes the Moon in your birth chart to travel from its birth chart position once around the zodiac back to its birth chart position.

So the motion of a minor progressed planet is much faster than its major progressed correlate.

Subsequent to your birth the minor progressed planets move and a minor progression is an aspect formed by a minor progressed planet and a birth chart or major progressed planet.

They map minor events and play a crucial role in timing major events.

A major-minor progressed chart looks like this…A major-minor progressed chart is calculated for a selected date.

The birth chart planets are progressed to this date.

It’s a freeze-frame that displays the major progressed planets placed around the birth chart in the degree and minute of the zodiac they occupy and the minor progressed planets placed on the outside of the major progressed planets in the degree and minute of the zodiac they occupy.

The major-minor chart’s declination grid records the declinations of the birth chart planets, major progressed planets and minor progressed planets.

On the selected date a minor progressed planet may have moved to form a minor progressed aspect with a birth chart or major progressed planet.

The aspect is called a minor progressed aspect.

Minor progressed aspects

A minor progressed planet has much less power than its major progressed correlate so an independent minor progressed aspect can map a minor event rather than a major life event.

But if a minor progressed planet forms an aspect with a birth chart or progressed planet that’s involved in a major progressed aspect it steps up the power of the major progressed aspect and specifies the relatively short (or relatively long) time-frame during which the major event it maps can occur.

In this instance the minor progressed planet acts as an energizer and during the aspect’s time-frame the not-conscious desire mapped by the major progressed aspect is at tipping point.

So a major life event can only occur when its major progressed marker is energized by a minor progressed aspect.

And there’s a truck load of evidence-based research to prove it.

The entire scenario for each major progressed aspect is displayed in an easy to read format by the Horoscope chart calculation program.

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