What is astrology?

Astrology – astro + logy (logy is the Greek word for science) – means the science of the influence of the stars.

It’s the oldest of the occult sciences – the origin of science itself – and it’s classified as occult simply because it deals with hidden or unseen energies that orthodox science has yet to investigate.

Astrology is a natural science.

It’s concerned with the description, prediction and understanding of natural phenomena based on empirical evidence from observation and experimentation.

Its knowledge-base is identified as the science of the soul and stars.

Misconceptions about astrology abound

It’s commonly believed that astrologers study charts called horoscopes or birth charts to foretell the future. And that a person’s chart reveals their character and future.

This is true of the very common fortune-teller type astrologer who uses the birth chart as a divinatory instrument to discern what’s likely to occur.

The symbols in the chart stimulate feelings and impressions that are not grounded in evidence-based science.

But scientific astrologers do not study birth charts to foretell the future.

Your birth chart does reveal your character and a life story that you’re inclined to attract, but it does not reveal a future that is set in cement and unalterable.

Many people believe astrology is simply a superstition, and scientists declare that its whole basis cannot be supported scientifically.

So, what is astrology?

Astrology is precisely defined as the systematic study of the planets and zodiac signs and the role they play in the soul’s intelligence and ability development.

From a personal perspective you can view it as a way of finding out about yourself – your character and life experience – and what you can do to avoid mishap and proactively participate in your self-development.

Astronomy studies the stars and planets to understand the physical structure of the universe, how it evolved and the natural laws that govern it.

Astrology takes a giant leap and explains the influence of these heavenly bodies upon life and its evolutionary development.  

Astrology provides knowledge that can be applied to birth charts. It provides a way of assessing and measuring birth chart data and when it comes to your chart you’re the only person who can judge the data’s level of accuracy and reliability.

Some take-home messages

Astrology is a science of energies and it’s because these energies are non-physical and have not been detected by the most advanced technological equipment that inference is needed.

The only way you can clarify if these hidden, unseen energies influence your life is to assess your own birth chart.

Many people believe in astrology, but the scientific community doesn’t.

Scientific astrology has never been investigated by outsiders – scientific or otherwise – to confirm if its claims and teachings are true.

Astrology is a way of finding out about yourself, the events you can experience and what you can do to enhance your self-development.

Its focus is your soul or not-conscious mind – the subconscious part of your consciousness that has a sympathetic connection to the stars and planets.

Astrology provides you with a sense of being intimately connected to the universe, but there’s far more to the science that studies the soul and stars than you ever imagined.

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